Until.. I Met You..

You may think it a lie,
But I swear that it's true,
I never knew fear, true and real fear,
Until the day I met you..

I got the fear the first hour,
After walking by your side,
The talk, your laugh, your sight,
Gave me fear so powerful, like a child, I wanted to hide

You must understand,
This feeling I never had before,
I have faced a thousand guns towards me pointing,
Held by foes who wanted my death and more.

They wanted my life, my skin,
Sometimes my very soul
They wanted my body to burn,
Or make me eat my heart whole

Yet I met them anyway,
And laughed at their try,
Later, alive, once again,
Oh, what a young fool was I..

But now I know fear, unbelievable fear,
A stranger not known to me before this time,
A fear that seizes my heart,
As you make it jump,
When your eyes look into mine ..

And there is the fear that leaps to me,
After all this time I spent with you,
A fear that once I would have found,
Mayhaps stupid and silly too

But the fear comes unstopped,
And stays with me on and on,
Will you someday grow tied of me,
And someday, be gone...

You may not believe me,
But I swear that it's true..
I never knew that o the thing called fear,
Until.. I met you..

Katfather Katfather
51-55, M
Nov 15, 2012