Cuckolding My Neighbour

Well, this is something that happened to me when i was 19. She was 38 years old, married and lived in my apartment. The basic premise, the characters, the situation and the location of event are true - i have take some liberties in the narration though. But rest assured,she is pretty vocal and loud. We had the fling for just one summer, after which her family moved out of our apartment, but it has been the single most erotic experience of my life. Hope you enjoy it too.

Sonia loved sex, craved it. She had kept herself leashed, allowing herself to enjoy it during the rare moments her husband had the time or inclination, but even then he was far from satisfactory in that particular department. With me however, all her pent up sexual energy had come to the fore – she demanded sex, jumped on me every chance she got – and well, I absolutely loved it.

We both lived in the same building, on different floors. Ever since that first time she gave in to her desires a few months ago, we had been ******* every chance we got. We had to be very careful though, she was married and her life would be shattered if we were caught. Moreover, her son and I were childhood friends and I had no intention of letting him get even a scent of our indiscretions. But there were times when she absolutely needed to have me, when she couldn’t hold it in any longer – usually when we hadn’t been able to **** for 4-5 days. This was one such moment.

I got a call from Sonia at 11 pm, her voice husky with desire over the phone,

“Baby, what are you doing tonight?”

I instantly knew what she wanted, but there were practical constraints – her husband was already home, so was her son. My whole family was with me, so sneaking out to a hotel was next to impossible. I said,

“Nothing much really, did you have something specific in mind?”

“Mhmm, I would love to have your **** slide in and out of my slick *****,” she whispered.

I knew she was making sure nobody could hear her, but the whispering turned me on even more. “It’s been so long honey, I need taste your *** again,” she continued.

God!! She was making me hard. I wanted to tease her for a bit though,

“Hmmm…what are you wearing baby?”

“Just my nightgown, the short one that exposes my *** if I bend…remember that one baby?” she whispered seductively.

I knew exactly what she was talking about – a slip that came only till her upper thighs and showed her **** till almost her nipples - every movement of hers leaving very little to the imagination. Oh yes, that was one night I wasn’t likely to forget soon. We had almost been caught that night, and we ended up ******* inspite of that. I replayed that night for her,

“Your husband was supposed to be on a tour honey. I had just *** all over your ****, and we were snuggling into each other. Thank god we weren’t ******* then, otherwise we wouldn’t have heard the door open considering how loud you get in bed. I had to rush and hide in the bathroom and you put that gown on in a hurry. I was watching you from the bathroom – I saw how you rubbed and spread my *** all over your **** so that he wouldn’t see it.”

“Ohh baby, there was so much of it though – your ***. You made a complete mess all over my ****. God! Thinking about that night is making me so horny,” she was practically moaning on the phone now.
“I saw how you snuggled up facing him as he was lying exhausted on the bed, running your hands all over his chest. You naughty *****, you wanted to make me watch you ******* him didn’t you?”

I could hear the slight gasp in her voice. She was a prim and proper suburban mom and talking dirty was still new to her – but she had told me she loved it when I called her names when we ******, made her feel more wanton and sexy.

“Mhmm I wanted to baby, I really wanted to make him try and **** me after you had filled me up so well – but he’s always so tired,” she ended with a whine. “So I caressed his face and put it between my ****. He was so eager to lick my ****, he cleaned up all your *** – and he did such a thorough job. Did you see that part honey?”

“God yes!! Why do you think I had a hardon when you came into the bathroom after he had gone to sleep. I couldn’t believe you could be such a filthy ****. Remember how I didn’t even take your gown off. I pushed you against the sink so that we could see ourselves ******* in the mirror, I rolled your gown up till your hips and pushed myself inside you,” I croaked.
Sonia was moaning openly now, “You ****** me so hard in the bathroom. I could see you snarling in lust as you ****** me….uunnhh…I can’t take it anymore baby, I ******* need you, I need you **** right now – I don’t care about getting caught.”

I had been thinking, and I had found the perfect place to continue this. “Is your husband asleep?” I asked her.

“Yeah” she replied, knowing I had made up my mind and she would get her fill of my **** tonight.

“Take the keys of your SUV, sneak out of your room and wait for me in the car,” I told her.

“Baby, I can’t go to a hotel with you – what if he wakes up and finds I am not there”

“Who said anything about a hotel? An SUV has a lot of space, don’t you think? And a ***** like you deserves to be ****** in the backseat of a car”

She groaned, and hung up. I waited for around 20 minutes, wanting to tease her, make her hornier and maybe even angry, before I sneaked out of my apartment and went to the parking lot.

The door to the SUV was slightly open, and Sonia was lying inside wearing the same gown - her gorgeous **** almost spilling out, her legs folded up to give me a glimpse of her wet *****. I got inside, and closed the door behind me. The SUV was filled with her smell, and I inhaled deeply.

“You look ravishing as always Sonia. I still can’t understand how your husband doesn’t **** you every single day.”

She pulled me on to her,spreading her legs to accommodate me, and whispered,

“I am not here to talk about him, I am here to be ******. Or would you prefer I go up and take care of myself?”

I bent over her and traced her lips with my tongue, forcing her mouth open, and then dipped my tongue inside her mouth. We shared a long kiss, becoming hotter every second, my hands roaming all over her practically naked body – caressing her thighs and kneading her ****.
Her gasp echoed strangely in the closed space of the car, the heat inside was making us sweat. We were in no condition to bother – I just needed to feel every inch of her hot skin against mine. I started kissing her neck, nibbling her collar bone knowing how much she liked that as my hand moved between her legs, lightly tracing her already swollen ***** lips.

“Ohhh god!! Don’t stop baby, you know exactly how to turn me on,” she gasped as her hands ruffled through my hair.

I removed the gown from her shoulder using my teeth, and grazed my way over to her nipple, my fingers rubbing her ***** faster now. I gave her rock hard nipple a quick flick with my tongue, and before she had time to gasp I took it completely in my mouth as I pushed 2 fingers inside her dripping wet *****.

“Ohhh fuckkk…ohhh yeahh, god don’t stop baby! **** I love…ahhh…your fingers, ohh GOD!!

I started moving my fingers in and out of her in a nice hard rhythm, nibbling her **** and neck in between. I could feel her hips pushing against my fingers, trying to take more of me inside. In the dim car light, I could see her face flushed red, her mouth open in a semi-snarl as she furiously ****** my fingers.

Her hands started fiddling with my boxers, dropping them lower hurriedly to free my rock hard ****. I heard her moan as she took my **** in her hands and started ******* me off, in sync with my fingers.

“We don’t have time baby…ohhh… come over here and…unnhh… **** me,” Sonia gasped.

I took my fingers out of her, dripping with her juices and brought them to her lips – watching her lick them clean. Just a month ago, she had never been disgusted at the idea of tasting herself, but she was lapping up her juices as if her life depended on it now. My **** twitched thinking about how much she had changed, as I spread her legs wider and placed my **** on her wet folds.

Sonia moaned throatily as I rubbed my **** up and down her wet *****, my shaft glistening with her ***** juices. I was kneeling between her spread legs, my **** in my hands, watching my best friend’s mother rubbing her **** as her hips pushed against me – begging for release. I held my **** firmly and slapped it over her wet folds, its head rubbing her **** in the process, before moving it over her ***** again. I could see her face contort with lust and feel her movements become frantic, desperate…

“Mhmm, you are so ******* hot,” I said as I placed my **** at the entrance of her wet folds – waiting for her, forcing her to tell me exactly what she wanted.

“Don’t tease me anymore; I need this so badly,” Sonia groaned as she felt my **** at her entrance.

I pushed my cockhead inside her wet *****, relishing in her warmth and wetness. Her eyes closed and her mouth parted slightly as she raised her hands over her head on the bed in anticipation. I leaned over her and took one hard nipple between my teeth, biting it gently. She groaned as she opened her eyes, her hands coming down and settling on my head as she allowed me to taste and lick her gorgeous **** for a while. She pulled my head up from her ****, holding me tightly by my hair and said,

“**** me! No more games, I need you inside of me “.

I held her gaze, staring into her kohl rimmed eyes, and pushed my complete length inside her tight folds in one long thrust.

“Ohhhhhh! Yes…Oh **** yes!” she screamed. Her back arched involuntarily, pushing my face between her **** as her grip on my hair tightened. I moved my **** out of her, till the tip teased her entrance again. She opened her eyes, looking at me, a vision of desire – her body arched, her mouth open and her lust filled eyes searching my face. I pushed my **** deep inside her again, till my balls rested on her hips, watching her face throughout. “Unhhhh….Aahhh,” she moaned as I filled her up again.

She was so ******* hot. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, and I started moving inside her. I was leaning over her with my hands on either side, her legs spread and folded at the knees as we got into nice hard rhythm. Her hands moved all over my body - moving over my back, grazing my chest and they finally came to rest on my clenched hips as I drove my **** inside her, trying to keep me in for as long as possible.

“That’s it baby, don’t stop…unnhh…God you feel so…aahhh…******* good,” Sonia cried as I increased my pace.

I kept pounding her, moving harder and faster inside her slick ***** - watching her face twist in lust and hearing her moans echo in the enclosed space. I could feel her body ******* me back, feel her ***** tightening its hold on my **** as she reached her peak.

“Does your husband ever **** you so well baby?” I grunted

She didn’t answer, her face revealing her resistance – but her body was too far gone now. I leaned over and slapped her,

“I asked you a question, *****. You want to ***, don’t you? Then ******* answer...or else,” I said as I started slowing down.

“No! No….aahhh, don’t you dare stop…god…**** no, he isn’t…yesss…even close to as good as…mmhhm…you. I have never…uunnhh…been ****** like this by him…goddd don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

I groaned as I started ******* her again, her answers making me **** her harder.Her body started twisting under me, her eyes rolling a bit as her ****** hit her – her hips bucking wildly against my ****, as she clawed my arms as she held on for support.

“Aahhhhhhhhh…ohhh myyyy god…uuunnnhhhh.” She was screaming incoherently, any attempt at staying quiet long forgotten as her ****** crashed on to her. I never stopped ******* her, relishing in the feel of her spasming ***** pulling me in further and holding me tighter as her juices leaked out and covered my balls.

She kept whimpering under my continued onslaught for a few minutes, prolonging her climax, and I could see her gasping for breath as she surfaced from her ******. She wrapped her legs tight around my hips as she smiled contentedly, every inch of her body in submission to pleasure. I leaned over and kissed her softly, ******* her slowly now – taking my time to enjoy her tight *****. Her hands wrapped themselves around my neck and her legs locked my hips in, making sure I wouldn’t pull out of her.
“We need to leave baby, or your hubby might notice you are gone,” I whispered in her ear.

Her eyes fluttered open, a mischievous smile on her face as she asked me,

“You want me to make him lick me clean once you are done with me again, don’t you?” Sonia asked, a dirty smile on her face.

I could feel, impossibly, my **** get harder as she said that.

“Mhmmm, how about I come on your **** once again and you go upstairs and make sure your husband cleans up my mess properly,” I said as I got out of her and straddled her chest.

She could see her ***** juices glistening on my ****, and she raised her head to lick and taste herself off my ****. Her hands started ******* me off, a mixture of her saliva and her juices keeping me slick. I was already close, and within a few minutes I was groaning and dumping my ***** all over her **** and her face. She smiled nastily at me as she pulled her gown over her shoulders again, one hand still ******* my **** dry as she rubbed my *** into her skin with her other hand.
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