The club

Amy and Miranda had heard of this girls club but could never get a definite answer that it even existed until they were invited to a meeting for membership consideration.
Their friend, Lucy, had them blindfolded as she drove them to the meeting. They were brought in still blindfolded and the members were told that they were both up for membership.
As directed, they had both worn a skirt and blouse, with no underwear at all. As they stood there, totally blindfolded, the members started fondling them. There were hands everywhere on them, making them gasp and moan. After a few minutes of that, the president called the meeting back to order and the members voted to let Amy and Miranda in - if they passed a test. This test was familiar to the members, as it was imposed on everyone who joined, with different twists at different times - but basically the same test.
Their test was explained, then they were taken out. They had no idea who was in the club or where the meeting was or anything, as they were blindfolded the entire time. When Lucy got them sufficiently away from the meeting place, she let them see.
Then she dropped them off and went back to the meeting, trying to get there in time to be part of the all-girl **** which always followed meetings.
When Friday evening got there, Amy and Miranda dressed the same way they had for the meeting - thin blouse, short skirt, no bra, no panties. They drove to the mall where they were to try to earn membership.
They had only one night to accomplish this and if they didn't, they were turned away without becoming a member.
Amy's dare was to make a man *** anywhere in the mall. Miranda's dare was to get a mouth - male or female - on her ***** inside the mall.
The members were roaming the mall, keeping an eye on the girls, as they had no idea who was a member and who wasn't.
Amy saw a man she liked the look of and he was shopping for shirts. She walked up to him and asked a question as she casually let her hand caress his ***. They stood and talked a minute but then he said he had to go as his wife had just come around the corner.
Down but not defeated, she continued her search.
About the same time, Miranda went into the lingerie shop and started flirting heavily with all the employees. She tried on some lingerie but couldn't lure any of them into sex. So she bought one nightie and went on down the mall.
She caught up with Amy and they chatted for a minute as they both surveyed the crowd.
Miranda saw a man she had ****** before, so she followed him, hoping the familiarity would help. When he went into a sporting goods store, she followed and walked up to him to say hi.
They chatted for a little while and she moved ever closer. When he bent to look at a fishing rod, she made a comment about his rod and reached out to stroke it. He checked out the rod and reel as she stood there rubbing his bulge. She was determined this was the one but had to convince him of same.
He toured the rest of the store and bought the rod and reel. Meantime, Amy followed him and rubbed his bulge and his butt every chance she got. But when he left the store, he kissed her, apologized and said he really had to go because he had to work later that night.
Totally frustrated, Amy started walking down the mall. She went into a bar/restaurant and sat down as a nicely dressed older man asked if he could buy her a drink. They chatted and sipped their drinks and in a minute, Amy let her hand drop to his thigh.
After a few minutes of that, she was so determined not to let him go, she started rubbing his bulge through his pants. She unzipped him and took it out just as the waitress walked up. She saw but just smiled and took their orders.
It didn't take long until he was spurting in her hand. Her main thought was that she hoped someone from the club saw it. To try and make sure, she raised her hand and licked it clean right over the table.
Feeling she had passed her test, she let the man take her home to spend the weekend in his bed.
During all of this, Miranda was frustrated, mad and upset as she couldn't find anyone interested. All she had to do was have a *** with someone else and that was rarely tough for her but tonight, she couldn't find anyone.
She was a couple of hours just walking and looking. Then she went into the toy store, where a female employee took an interest in her.
They talked, looked at toys and flirted. Susan, the employee, was touching Miranda every chance she got and vice versa.
In a few minutes, Susan asked Miranda if she would like to go on break with her. They went through the mall to the entrance and walked outside, holding hands.
They went to Susan's SUV and were almost immediately 69ing. The slurping went on for what seemed forever but was like 15 minutes. Then Susan had to go back to work, but not without the phone number exchange.
Feeling she had passed her test, Miranda went on to her car and drove home where she waited for Susan to call after getting off work.
Monday morning, there were two cards in their mail. The one addressed to Amy said "Well done" and told the time and place of the next meeting.
The card addressed to Miranda said "That is a hot girl and she made you *** but not in the mall. Come to the next meeting with Amy and we'll discuss any mitigating circumstances."
She was let into the club too because they saw her pick up Susan inside the mall and it was Susan's idea to go to the truck.
Now they're two of the elders of the club and get to dare potential new members to pass the tests.
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