You get from the couch and ask can I get you another drink,looking at the black tights hugging your lips,exposing what I want so bad but can't have,I hear you say I will make you one anyways,you turn around to get the drinks your tights jammed in your *** makes my **** ache ,shaking my head I get up and go to the washroom,feeling a little drunk and very horny after watching you for the last the 4 hours bending over to change cd's,dancing,showing off your body,I must straighten up a little ,I have been hypnotized by your lovely curvaceous body,your beautiful mouth,your legs thinking how good they would feel around my neck,your juice in my mouth on my lips,I shake my head yet again,**** your so hot,so sexy,I have a quick couple of lines,flush and go back out to the living,there you are coming back with the drinks bending over I gently brush your *** with my hand,you turn and say is that the best you can do,you reach down grab my **** it begins to pulse move in your grip,if you want it take it,pushing you against with as much force as you grab my **** I man handle your ***** squeezing your lips firmly,you gripping while I grow in your hands a good firm grip you have on it,I move my fingers around you are dripping wet,you have been watching me watch you,you pull my **** out while kissing me hard on lips I take your hand off it,I grab my ****,kick your legs apart and put manhood between your legs feeling your ******* wet **** through your tights hardens my **** solid,I begin moving my hips back and forth sliding it between your legs your lips cover my **** like a blanket,your mouth open my tongue fighting your tongue, I begin moving faster,still pinning you against the wall,I reach under you top gripping your right *** in my right hand pinching and pulling your nipple,your wetness gettiing wetter,my precum mixing with your ***** juice,so slippery,you reach down grab my manhood pushing it against your wetness harder following my hip movements,you ***, feeling the warmth of your *** on my ****,I take you by the hand lead you to your bedroom,you take off your top exposing your beautiful firm ****,your hard nipples,I push you onto the bed spread your legs,you say let me take these off,no I say, and go down to my knees your ***** right there I can smell your honey from that hole, lick lick lick squeeze,looking deep into your eyes I say we taste good together ,you push my face back down to your honey hole shut the **** up and lick you say,and I do,while playing with your *** with my thumb pushing at your hole while lick lick lick lick,mmmmm I say you moan louder,sudden your body jerks my thumb breaks through going in your sweet smelling ***,to my surprise you push your ******* hard against my thumb making sure it all goes in,I can't take it no more,I pull my thumb out of your tight little ***,NO PUT IT BACK KEEP LICKING,please Cliff,you beg,I reach down put four fingers in the hole of the tights and with one pull I expose your sweetness and stand lean over you look into your eyes and say love,you are the most beautiful **** in the world and kiss your mouth softly,sudden you arch and let out a yell **** that's big as I ram your ***** without warning,pounding it hard,that's right you ****** **** me like a man,pound me like a good **** deserves,kissing you hard on the lips I move side to side up and down in and out harder harder you EXPLODE,THAT'S RIGHT YOU BASTARD,FUUUUCK THAT'S GOOD DON'T STOP,my **** my balls wet from your ***,I tell you to stand you do,I sit demand you get over my knee,yes sir but why,get over my knee,you do,firm slap that's not nice to call me bastard,harder slap slap slap,sorry cliff I mean sir,slap,spread your cheeks apart you do,I spit on your hole and slide my middle finger in you to my second knuckle,then push quick,you whimper in pleasure,spit,finger my *** faster cliff,you like that my **** and faster I go in and out,pulling my finger out of your ***,I lick it mmmmmmmm,you taste so goooood that's a great tasting ***,you kneel take me in your mouth,sucking stoking,hard fast, you look up at me,I say very good MY **** have you been practicing on some one else you little ****,no sir I haven't keep your mouth on my **** keep ******* sucking,mmmm **** YOUR MIND BLOWING,YOUR ******* *** VERY TASTY,**** **** girl your so good,grunting groaning I yell its all for you and blow my biggest load down your throat you lay me down on the bed,climb on me making my still rock hard **** slide in you leaning down you kiss me spilling my *** in my mouth,I kiss you ******* hard as you grind my man hood in your ******* warm no hot ***** the heat of it,my *** that you spilled into my mouth,your grinding, you ******* explode saying thank you,thank you,omg thank you,feeling you tighten around my sharft, I explode grabbing you I kiss you so softly as my **** jerks around in you,groaning loudly,letting you grind every last drop out of me,you collapse in my arms,we roll over turn off the light,I part your legs grab it gently but firmly and say I own that my ****
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Jan 7, 2013