Our Long Hard Day

Fungirl’s Content Warning:
The following story was written for entertainment purposes only. It is a fictional work derived from the mind of the writer and in no way should be taken as a factual account of any past or planned event. Anyone mentioned in this story is done so in a fictional fashion. Any names used are purely coincidental and does not mean that the characters have any life outside the writer’s imagination. 
The following story may contain graphic sex and/or extreme violence and is NOT suitable for anyone under 18 and may not be suitable for some adults.  I strongly advise you to only read what you are personally comfortable with. I will not feel personally responsible for any discomfort you feel after reading my post since I have given you ample warning to its content. Once again the following post is meant to be read by extremely mature audiences capable of making consensual decisions. If this is not you please stop reading immediately.
If you are still reading this post I assume you are consenting to reading my adult topic story.  Enjoy and feel free to comment.

This story is dedicated to my SGT, is about my SGT, and was written for him as well. I hope others that read it however enjoy it and can see their love within it.
All day long I have been waiting for this. I can’t wait until he finally leaves work and meets me in this place. I am waiting and prepared for him yet I am nervous, wondering if he will keep our date. I subconsciously bite into my burgundy lips as I bar-stool dance to the hypnotic beat of the music. I sip my wine but it is the smell of beer that permeates the air around me- well beer and cigarettes. I shift nervously, pulling at the garter tabs underneath my short black skirt, making sure they were still in place and perfect.  

Finally he arrives and he is looking handsome; I knew his masculine frame the moment he walked in the room. It seemed like an eternity that I watched as he crossed the crowded room to meet me. Immediately I pull him to me, my french-manicured nails tracing the line of his jaw as he kissed me. I lean into him, placing my arm around his neck. He puts his arm around my waist as my breasts tease his arm. He is ready to go home and says, “Let’s get out of here. Giggling, I reply “Not yet.  Remember love that patience is a virtue." 

I kiss my way up his neck. As my lips close in on his ear I whisper breathlessly my dirty little fantasy that we have talked about all day long.   What started out as innocent flirting this morning has now became a game of delayed gratification on both our parts but I am determined to win this game or die trying.  I feel powerful, almost invincible as I watch him shift in his seat in an attempt to adjust the growing need within his pants. I giggle out loud as I look down to see what my teasing has caused. He pulls me close to him once again, determined to take control from me once again. He growls, “Can we go home now?” I smile an innocent smile and reply, “sure.”

We made it home on record time. As soon as we reached the door, he looked over and asked, “Want to make love?"   I took his hand and led him into our bedroom.  "I guess that answers my question," he said as you pulled me close.  I leaned into him and could feel his ever growing manhood hard against my body. I leaned in and touched my lips to his, gently at first but he had more in mind.  Before I could take another breath he pulled me tightly against his body as our tongues began to dance rhythmically together. I moaned out into the warm dampness of the room.

He, never being one to be the submissive one, demanded. “Get on the bed now!” He quickly pushed me backwards onto the pillows; climbing on top of me, he pushed my shirt up, smiling when he saw I wasn't wearing a bra.  First I felt his hands on my flesh, caressing and kneading my eager peaks.  His tongue would soon follow, driving me crazy and making me writhe with anticipation as he circled my nipples ever so sensually and slowly.  I held my breath as his hand moved southward across my stomach, toward my most intimate flesh.  Finally, after what felt like an eternity of teasing I felt his fingers spread the lips and enter me ever so gently.  I let out another moan and attempted to squirm my way out of the masculine grip on my body. "Please, baby, now!"  I muttered in deep anguish.  "Not yet.  Patience is a virtue."  He replied with a smirk.  At this point I lost control and jerked wildly as the waves of our passion overtook me.  He pressed deeply, milking every last sensation from my eager body.  Once I had been fully satiated he pushed me backwards again and climbed on top of me.  I lifted my legs and he gathered them over his shoulder as he pushed deep within me. Our bodies moved rhythmically together as my juices covered his masculine flesh. In and out he led me once again to ecstasy, but this time we exploded together. “Ohhhhh My God!" was the last thing he muttered as he exploded deep inside me. MMM I win again.
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I like your use of words -- "I feel powerful, almost invincible as I watch him shift in his seat in an attempt to adjust the growing need within his pants." ("the growing need within his pants" -- brilliant!)

I really like this story, good writing!

Awww thanks y'all. I hope to write for a long time to come. Thanks so much for reading my thoughts and commenting. It means a lot to me.

What a great story.l

I love reading your stories FG!!! Keep writing please!

Mmmm Amazing story my love

I am so glad you enjoyed it.

I so enjoy the frankness and uninhibited quality of postings like this. Love and passions should be embraced and openly enjoyed within a relationship. They can also offer a wealth of enjoyment when shared with others.

Thanks y'all

I enjoyed your story. See my true life story. A nude eve before the 4th of July.

Nicely done fungirl. I've never been much for "chick novels", but this is fantastic. Hope your week ends just like this story.

I have that warning because i have some persons in my circle that do not like erotica. I don't want to offend so I always put the disclaimer. it also keeps underage folks from seeing it. All they see is my disclaimer. :)

I've missed these little "naughty's" from you. Nice job. I can picture that flirty skirt, those burgundy lips and sexy nails. Very sultry.

Amazing story :)

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Hehe thanks y'all. I love writing erotica.

Great story with a spicy WINNERS ending... I still ALWAYS love your Content warnings !! :D They ROCK too!

The sweetness of victory, Fungirlmmm!

Nicely performed. ;-)

Awww thanks y'all. I appreciate your comments.

I'm sitting here- my heart is racing- I felt every moment of that - ******* Awesome- wow
You really know how to do that - don't you
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