She Needs Pleasing.... Now...

She teases me, she pleases me.
I want to feel excited, to be excited.
I want her to feel the feelings I have right now.
She is awaiting my love. Anticipating the moment I give her what she wants, needs, expects.
As our bodies join as one, she gasps, with pleasure - the waiting is over.
Our bodies grind- our minds as one.
We both want that moment, that special moment- It can't come soon enough.
Faster - faster - slower.
Shes not after lovemaking tonight- she just wants satisfaction- and soon- now !
She pushes to meet my thrusts.
It's not going to be long now
Any ..... Second........not gonna ....last much longer ....and then....

Together ........
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Jan 8, 2013