On My Knees

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He really likes it when I dress up, especially if I show some skin for him and I am always trying to top myself.  Although I don’t think he would ever admit it, he gets turned on when guys react to me and I always dress with this in mind. The building was nearly empty as they had just opened for the day.  As I entered, his office door was open; I see him sitting behind his desk on the phone. He doesn’t notice me at first but that would soon change.  I was dressed to get his attention in my favorite black dress; it is your basic short tight dress with a heart-shaped opening in front that shows a lot of my 40DDD cleavage. I’m proud that I can wear something like this and still look good. Pair this with my “**** me red” lips, and my 5” spike heels to finish the look and I am going to get some attention. Underneath I wore my red lace panties with matching bra and garter belt, and black silk stockings with the seam up the back. I was ready to seduce him and to get what I came for.  I walked in and closed the door behind me.  One thing led to another; I climbed in his lap and we began to kiss. Someone knocked on the door and it began to open; I decided to quickly climb under his big wooden desk out of sight.
While I was there, I decided to take advantage of the situation and began blowing warm breath against the fabric that separated me from his beautiful ****. He sat at his desk typing away at his latest projects as I continued to tease him. The people that entered his office to ask questions were completely oblivious to the act that was occurring just beyond their sight.  I had been working on my task for just a few moments and he was just slightly hard at that moment. The thrill of potentially getting caught made me that much wetter and that much more daring.  My heart would beat faster each time I heard, “Sir, are you available?” and then the familiar squeak of his office door as one after another came to ask his advice on this item or his permission to change that item. This wasn’t my first time visiting him in the office but it was certainly the first time I had been in this position.
I continue to hear him typing away at the keyboard; for some reason he seemed to be typing harder and harder as I teased him even more.   I undid his belt and placed my lips just at the tip, gently kissing it.  He continued to do a fantastic job of pretending to work hard, and to answer the many questions of others.  I placed the head in my warm slick wanting mouth and I could feel that familiar rush of blood as his **** grew hard in my mouth. I looked up to see that the blinds were not closed behind us, but I didn’t care. I tightened my fingers around him and sucked him deeper into my mouth and throat.  I hear his fingers typing faster on the keyboard and I find some satisfaction from knowing I can affect him this way. I want him to moan out and to make him scream; making him lose control as he so often does me, but no sound comes from deep inside him as I continue my assault on his beautiful ****.
It didn’t take long for me to work my magic and he is ready to explode deep within my throat. The phone rings, catching me off guard, and I pull away from him. Soon I find him with his hands in my hair pulling me to him as he ****** my mouth and throat harder than ever before. He was extremely turned on. I moaned out between thrusts as I became more and more turned on with our play. I heard laughter coming from the next office, and I knew that we had been discovered but I didn’t care.  All I cared about was having this moment with him, this beautiful moment. He let go of his chair as his body began to tremble. He exploded within my mouth, but it might as well have been everywhere because it was all over my face and hair. I crawled out from under the desk, stood and straightened my hair, borrowed a Kleenex from his desk to wipe some of the excess from my face and prepared to leave. I kissed him on the cheek and showed myself to the door knowing that I would be getting a good hard ******* as soon as he can regain his control and get away for a lunch break. 
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Wow! Quite possible the hottest post on this site!

Nope. I will send you a link to another lol.

Impressive... I felt the opening lines describe me :)
"He really likes it when I dress up, especially if I show some skin for him and I am always trying to top myself. Although I don’t think he would ever admit it, he gets turned on when guys react to me and I always dress with this in mind.".......

I also share the excitement of potentially getting caught... you describe a dream I had many times in words much better than even my thoughts..

I am glad I am over 18 ;O)

What a wonderfully sexy and well worded story. If that didn't get anyone wet or hard then they are zombies. Just loved it!

that was a real turn on.

Mmmmmm.... I need a desk and a hot secretary lol

love the story

Awesome story, hope my wife will suprise me with that one day !!

you should join Fetlife

The under-the-desk thing is really hot! What would you think if the roles were reversed? XD

I am not sure I could think for all the exploding I would do. :)

You never know...gentlemen can be subtle as well! ;)

Great story. Most guys that work in an office have had the fantasy of an office hottie doing that. Loved it. Thanks

Shower?? Where's the shower, please?

Very hot, have to love a sexy girl giving oral in a public place.

Great writing. I envy your lover your imagination.

Great story!

that yes coming up with different things will keep the cemistery going and is fun to change things up when come to sex.

bet you was waiting for long lunch break to enjoy him more

you write extremely erotic my friend. Your stories are very exciting!

Bravo! Extremely erotic and very arousing.... loved it, thanks. Ummm, yep I'm hard as a rock. *grin*

Very sexy

oh god wish I had some pics of you as I read that story I got hard as hell

would that be possible??

I don't exchange pix until I know someone extremely well. Sorry.

GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!

Enjoyed the read.

Beautiful way of working in office.

Getting a ******* at work certainly made his day! Would make mine if I was there!

You naughty girl you.

Wish I could experience that with you.

If you are not on your knees and under my desk by the time that I reach my office....you're fired!

This is unfair to those of us who do not have such a fun girl propped under our desk ready to take some dictation.

Love that story..... has always been a fantasy of mine.

Very well written, and to the point.

I must admit that I love this one... Very well written, and a good reward for you, as well...

That was hot!

youre better than i remember...

Oh you are delicious! Thank you for doing lunch!

Wow!!! Great story thanks.
If by chance you'd like to chat....Skype or yahoo?


Well written story, I was captivated!

Good storie

Thank you

I don't know which I like better ******* or getting my **** sucked. I was in the media for many years and had the opportunity of getting sucked off in the control room on many an occasion. I plan to have many intoxicating stories of my life in the media and the women I met and the fascinating things we would do. The stories will be in the vernacular and be quite erotic to say the least. Stories to come soon.


Well crafted...nice imagery.

Thank you for an imaginative story (as you say) that has made my **** just as hard and throbbing as his was in the story. You have had to have sucked some **** to be able to describe it so accuratly. Thanks again..I loved the story.Gator

You are right gator that one cannot write erotica without being erotic. :)

Great story! Thanks

Great story and sounds like a fantastic adventure.

what an awesome way to get someones attention!! Good girl!!

Giggles. Oh my I get lots of his attention..

sounds like you do think pretty dirty. but you hold out on your partner a little bit dont ya?

No way. He gets whatever he wants.

Thanks for the story - that was awesome. I remember you from a few years back when I was johnny2canoe. Great to see you on here. Please re-add me as a friend.



Hey there. I remember you. We had some good talks. Welcome back.

Thank you - great to be back and thanks for adding me!

You're welcome

cool work place

Actually it was rather warm... hehe or maybe it was just me.

it was hot

Giggles... it is always hot when I am around. Lol

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Thank you.

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No offense taken. Many have asked but I reserve myself for making my lover happy.

Come visit my office anytime!

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I won't tell lol all in the name of fun girl

LMBO but I tell him everything lol.

FG, go with the flow once in a while...

Hehe I do. I just like yanking your chain. :)

I know I'm not alone at least lol

giggles. nope

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Thanks Dirty. ((hugs))

Another nicely naughty tale. This is why I have a big desk and sturdy office chair...you never know when the right visitor might drop in.

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I am glad y'all liked it.

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