One Of My Favorite Thing

One of my husband's and my favorite thing is mutual ************. We hug and cuddle naked together. Our lips lock and tongues penetrate each other's mouths. His hands massage my shoulders and work their way to my breasts. I run my hands over his muscles and his sexy body.

He has a long thick **** that my hand wraps around. As his fingers find my wanting *****. I open my legs wide for him. His fingers spread my wetness around my labia and my ****. My hand works up and down his long shaft and with my other hand I massage his balls.

We keep making out during this time. Our breath getting heavier and heavier. I am so blessed as a woman to have a man so well hung. I keep rubbing my hand up and down as I feel his thick fingers enter my hot wet hole.

Our bodies are pressed together, his free hand returns to my breast. The fingers stimulate my nipples as his other finger finds my g-spot. Soon I'm approaching ******. I whisper to him that his magic touch is going to make me ***. His fingers push deep inside me then return to rubbing my ****.

My hand starts to shake and I squeeze his hard huge **** and I become orgasmic. I moan and sigh in heavy breaths as his fingers penetrate me again. I buck my hips and tighten my kegel muscles. What a great ******.

My husband lays back on the bed and I sit up. I move into position so to take his great massive man meat into my mouth. My hand keeps pumping his wonder ****. My lips lock around it and I take it deep, bobbing my head up and down. At the top I run my tongue around his head, then again take it as deep in my throat as I can.

I feel his hands on my head. This is the sign that he is close. I release all control of my movement to his hands. He now using my whole head to ********** himself. Then it happens, his *** erupts forth from his tool. My mouth is filled with his salty love juice and I swallow deeply. I feel his manhood twitch inside my mouth as it continues to flood me with him.

When it's done, his grand **** begins to deflate. I run my tongue along the sides and over the penis opening again and again looking for the remnant of his ***.
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Jan 14, 2013