A Short

Joanna was all nestled in bed snuggling with her covers and trying to go to sleep. Naughty thoughts kept running through her mind though. She was thinking of a guy she saw. He was tall with a lean and muscled build. Short sandy blonde hair and a cute smile.

She was thinking incessantly all day how it would feel if his body was between her legs thrusting inside her and kneading her breasts. It had been three months since she last had sex with anyone. She tried to push the thoughts out and concentrate on sleeping. Lots to do tomorrow. But, the thoughts wouldn't leave and she was warm and moist between her legs.

Damn it, she thought.

She moved and lay on her back. She unbutton her pajama top and fondled a nipple while he other hand moved under the elastic of her bottoms and massaged her aching *****. The first few strokes rocked her body and she writhed on the bed, moved her head to the side and moaned loudly.

She closed her eyes and gave in to the imagine of this man ******* her slow and determined. She tweaked her nipples and pushed two fingers inside her. She gasped and arched her back as her juices ran out of her and down the crack of her *** onto her pajama bottoms.

"Oh, fuckkkkkk," she exhaled, as she moved her fingers in and out of her hairy *****. "**** me harder, baby!"

She pinched her nipples hard and roughly finger ****** herself with three fingers and thumbed her sensitive ****.

"Oh, my God, you **** so wonderfully, baby," she exclaimed between moans and arching her back. She hadn't *** in a long time. It was close. She grunted and moaned and ****** herself faster. Her ***** sloshed and farted on the friction of her fingers thrusting in and out. She almost couldn't thumb her **** it was so sensitive.

She pinched and pulled at her nipples as her head moved side to side as her bottom undulated and begged for release. Suddenly, she'd stopped thrusting then thrust hard as she rose a steep peak inside her pelvis. She groped and pulled her boob as she kept her back arched and her *** buried in the bed as deep as she could go.

"*** in me, baby!" she yelled.

She finger ****** fast and tensed her whole body and opened her mouth wide with her head bent up against the pillow. Her body then shook violently and she shuddered and her eyes rolled back. She kept her fingers deep inside then thrust wildly as she gushed *** on her hand and her pajamas and her bed.

"Ohhh, god ******* dammit!" she groaned as she gushed each time.

Finally, she collapsed and massaged her breasts with both hands and moved her legs in and out on the bed.

"Oh, that was so ******* good, baby."

She came to and realized she was soaked from the bottom down. She decided not to get up and just curled back up and went to sleep. When she woke up, she did it all over again.

"I gotta find out his name and get him to **** me for real," she said, fingering herself.
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Jan 16, 2013