How I Suck A ****

I love a guy to lay with his legs spread so I can lay on my stomach and be right up to his **** and balls. I start by licking the under shaft from the balls to the tip and back down several times till I get him rock hard. I always try to keep eye contact so I can see his passion and the sweet torment I give him. I don't just move the **** in my mouth. I'm always inhaling air so it pulls the skin to me.

Once hard, I mouth the tip and push my tongue down past my lips and the tip massaging the glands. As I go down slowly, my tongue moves back and forth in my mouth on the shaft. If under nine inches, I can deepthroat most and I hold it for a few seconds. I don't gag though.

I move up and then all the back down constantly using my tongue to massage. Ever so often, I'll flick my tongue on the glands and mouth the tip and pop it my mouth. If shaved, I'll jack the **** softly while I lick and suckle on each testicle.

Once the balls have been fellated, I move up and down quicker. All the way up then all the way down deepthroating and holding it for a few seconds ever so often. I love to feel his **** flex and twitch in my mouth. I'll gently massage his balls with my hand as I suck.

based on his moans, I move faster. Up and down. Almost all the way out then all the way down. Slobbering on his ****. Lots of wetness. Ever so often, I'll focus totally on the tip and glands then back down all the way. When he's close to *******, I'll stay about three-fourths of the way down sucking then once he does, I move half-way up and take his *** and swallow it as he spurts his hot *** in my mouth. After he ****, I go softly up and down to continue his ****** and let him luxuriate in it. That's it. Want a ******* from a bi and femme guy? hehe
lalliek lalliek
36-40, M
Jan 22, 2013