Mmmm Great Potential.

There was an unusual stillness to the day that I had not expected. The river in front of me was smooth with barely a ripple moving across the water. Just beyond the water the big white pristine bridge loomed in the distance. The sun was warm on my back, but not uncomfortably so. It was still early enough in the day that the heat had not had time to build.  I look toward the Waving Girl and she brought me back to reality and why I was back in Savannah.

I stood up and tossed my water bottle in the trash as I continued along the cobblestone streets, taking in the sights and reminiscing about the times I had spent here in the past.  Some of my best times have been here along these streets and today I will make more special memories in this place. I finally reach the Waving Girl and I decide to sit there and wonder what made this woman wave at every passing ship that came into Savannah Harbor for over forty years.  Was her beloved lost at sea?  Was he in the military and never returned home to her?  I’ve heard the legend that says he was a sailor but is it true?  What love and devotion must she have had for this man to spend the rest of her life longing only to wish him well?  Do I have what it takes to make that lifetime commitment to this man and make it to the finish line?  If he was taken away from me would I be as devoted as the Waving Girl?   It is still early in the morning and he has just gotten out of bed and leaving for his office. 

I began walking along the street again when I heard a pleasantly familiar voice, "Have a nice day, beautiful."  I turned and smiled at the man, whom I had been speaking with in the park earlier in the morning. As I responded to him, I noticed he was looking at his watch, I wondered if he had the date of a lifetime today too.  In the distance I saw some nicely built gentlemen in Army uniforms.  My heart skipped a beat wondering if they worked with him.  I walked on and as I passed the gentlemen, they uttered, as if on cue, “ma’am”.  “Good morning gentlemen” I replied, making sure I smiled as sweetly as possible after driving seven hours in the night with no sleep.  

I finally arrived back at my car and I decided to take a quick ride out to Tybee Beach and Fort Pulaski to calm my nerves before I go to his office to meet him.  I start out toward the fort first.  It is one of my favorite places and I have spent many hours on the grounds writing in the past; it is a place that grounds me and makes me truly happy.  I took my eyes off the road for a moment as I heard the phone ringing from my purse. I sigh contently before answering it. He is always punctual. 

“Hello?"  I answered.

"Hi there baby girl" he said, "Just wanted to know what time you are going to meet me.”

"Oh yeah tonight, 9 pm… okay?"  I asked jokingly.

He answered, "Yeah and I’ll spank your *** first thing.  I think you will be here before 10:00 am.  I wish you were here already baby.”

"Okay…Bye!” I said before hanging up. I knew this would anger him but I wanted to push a few buttons. 

My thoughts jumped around in my mind, from what I'm going to want for dinner, to the conversation I had with my sister this morning on my drive to Savannah, to the reason I'm not wearing panties or a bra. Ohhhh, last night was...mmmmm. I giggle a bit to myself as my brain stayed on that subject for what felt like the hundredth time today, remembering sitting alone in my bedroom, on the phone chatting with the not so secret man in my life. He had told me not to wear underwear today and that task I followed. Much like every request I received from him, I had followed it to the letter in fact.

Picturing the words he had said in my mind led me to be naughty. When he told me to reach up and pinch both my nipples hard through my shirt it had felt great, looking around as I remembered I noticed a young man in the distance. Giggling a little more and biting my lower lip I continued to picture the conversation in my mind.

“Reach up and pinch both nipples hard through your shirt right now.”

I made a moaning sound as I did as he asked.

“Reach up with your left hand, cup your right breast underneath and flick your nipple with your thumb.”

“Doing it.” I replied as I giggled nervously.

“Making it nice and hard for me?” he asked.

“Very much so...still flicking it and you are making me squirm.”  I replied.

Is it making you wet? Wet for me?” he asked.

I am soaked, I was the second I heard your voice.” I replied

I looked around making sure no one was in the parking lot, I took a deep breath and did what my body was begging for, I brought my hand up and pinched my nipple through my white button up shirt just like I had done the night before. It felt...amazing. ******* a bit in my seat knowing how hard my nipple is, looking down blushing as I saw it poking through my shirt, not held back by a bra.  He wished I was there? I wished he I tried to hold back sounds of my pleasure, from my throat, knowing he'd love what I was doing, not being able to hold back my naughtiness, having to touch myself now.  I wished he was behind me, feeling his presence as my eyes stayed closed, his hands reaching around and twisting my nipples with his fingers. His tongue licking my neck as he bends me over his chair, his hard **** pressed into me, as his thrusts push the chair into the desk. Sliding his masculine hands up and opening my top slipping those huge large hands inside, cupping my bare breasts, squeezing them, rubbing them, as his teeth bite my neck, hearing him moan out for me, wanting to be deeper and deeper inside me, and demanding more and more of me. God, it was like I could feel him plunging deeper and deeper inside me as I sat in my car waiting to head back to Savannah to meet him. The things he does to me and how he makes me feel left me mesmerized under his spell. I start the car to make the drive back into the city, forgetting all about my walk on Tybee Beach for now.

I started back to Savannah, my mind consumed with feeling his hands on my body and tasting his masculine skin with my tongue.  I wanted to experience him with all my senses by I must admit I was also very nervous. 

When I arrived it was around 9:30 am and he wasn’t there. His office door was open so I figured he would be right back.  I removed my clothes and put them behind the brochure stand in the corner so he wouldn't see them when he came in. I glanced around the office and smiled.  We had talked hundreds of times from this office and yet this was the first time I was physically there.  I quickly walked around his desk and pulled out his chair, slipping under it and pulling the big comfy chair flush against the desk as he had left it. I assumed he would be right back so I lay in wait for my prey.

And wait I did. Minutes passed ever so slowly as I waited there under that desk waiting for him to return. Finally his door opened and I smiled to myself as I waited for him to come to his desk. That's when I heard it, the voice of another person. Oh ****, he wasn't alone. The only thing I hadn't thought through. His chair slid out and sat down, sliding his feet under the desk.  He went on about his business as I sat motionless under his desk as he discussed the day’s itinerary with the faceless voice. It was an eternity and my arm began to cramp; I reached out and grabbed his leg but he continued to talk calmly. I had a perfect view from under the desk, and he had a rather nice bulge forming. I brought my hand up and laid it on his inner thigh, but rather than stopping there, I lightly brushed my hand upward against the bulge between his legs. I felt him shift a bit but didn't stop.  I giggled on the inside knowing that I was effecting him this way and that he wouldn’t be able to respond without the faceless voice knowing what was happening.  I  slid my hand up gently and unzipped his uniform pants, sliding my hand inside to squeeze his ****.

He again shifted in his chair as is squeaked loudly with his movement this time.  He began to speak quickly trying to wrap up the meeting sooner than later. He told the faceless voice that he needed to make a phone call to a potential and the other man walked out of the office. I was smiling as he slid his chair back slightly, looking down and returning a beautiful smile as he looked at me naked under his desk.

"Come here, baby girl," he said with a slight growl as I crawled out from under the desk. I looked up at him with an innocent smile, knowing that I was just being bad moments before. "Kneel at my feet. You know you shouldn’t be in my office when I'm not around. I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you for this."


I held back a giggle as I knelt quickly at his feet. I always enjoy his playful punishments but I wasn’t prepared for it this time.  I knelt up and arched myself, exposing myself to him fully. I thought to myself that this wasn't exactly what I had pictured in my mind.

He looked down and smiled. But then suddenly there was a knock at his office door. He motioned for me to return to under his desk and slid his chair in and turned towards his computer so that whoever was there thought he was working.

Come in," he said. Glancing up from I could see it was one of his potentials standing there. "Have a seat and we'll get right down to business." His mind was far from business and it was apparent from the bulge in his pants that I was the only thing on his mind.

I made myself comfortable under the desk and crawled between his legs, nudging them apart with my hands and slipping my hand inside the opening in his uniform.  I wrapped my fingers around his ****. He never wore any underwear, so I pulled his **** out of his pants and leaned down to brush a gentle tongue kiss across the tip. This made him squirm as he tried to focus on his potential. I knew I would be punished for taking advantage if the situation so I was focusing on teasing him as much as possible in this moment.  He shifted again as he felt my tongue wrap around his ****. I sucked his **** into my mouth and sucked him down deep into my throat over and over again. I allowed my teeth to graze the length of his **** as I slid him back out and in again, licking every inch as I sucked him in and out, feeling him harden further with each thrust. I nibbled gently on the underside of his **** as I massaged his balls with my hand.  I continued to suck him in deep and hard over and over.

He fidgeted in his chair the whole while his potential sat there trying to tell him what he needed before he made a commitment.  I could tell he found it hard to focus on anything but the woman attached to his throbbing ****.  Again, I giggled knowing I was causing this.  He adjusted again and refocused his attention once again as I could feel his **** throbbing in my hot mouth.

I increased the sucking power on his **** as my tongue glided over the tip, tasting every bit of precum. He pulsated hard in my mouth and nipped and sucked him hard and deep again feeling him throb harder in my mouth. I sucked him in again, hard, fast and deep as I massaged his balls fast with my hands.

His dropped his pen on the desk and fell back in his chair utterly screaming as I nipped the tip of his **** just right. He exploded so hard I thought he would pass out as I kept sucking and licking. His potential just blinked and stared at him like he was crazy. He reached down and grabbed me by the hair holding me in place as he asked the potential to give him a few moments to massage the cramp out of his leg. The potential left and he walked over and locked the door behind him. 

He then pulled me up by my hair and kissed me like I'd never been kissed before. I quickly gathered my clothing, dressing quickly.  As I walked toward the door I saw him smile at me, picking up his paperwork to go back to the job at hand.  As I opened the door he said, “You will be back here at 2:00.”  I replied, “I certainly will sir.”  How could I not return to a man that loves me so much and rocks my world even when he should be focusing on other things?

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I am glad you enjoyed it. It is my heartbeat talking to everyone.

Not posted but I have one in my memory. LOL

LOL I am glad to distract you.

Hehe Dead Man. You know I am just a plain girl. <br />
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You are welcome Rog. I wrote this piece with one person in mind.

So this is what you get up to at work :)

Thank you. I always appreciate honest comments and I look forward to your return.

I have to be honest here, I've only read about half of it and I just *had* to stop. It's a bit too much for me at the moment, so I went to look for the "add to library" button, but it seems EP has taken that one off. Grrrrmble. Bookmarked anyway.<br />
I'm sure the next time I'm reading it I'll be able to really enjoy it. ;) Thank you in advance!!

You are welcome girl. In the next installment I got him naked and we know he is hot hot hot!!! LOL

Thank you for reading it Al. I put my heart and soul to this post. I am really glad you liked it.

WHEW!!!!!!!!! Pix fans herself....GEEZ am I supposed to concentrate on work now today????? hehehe!!!!!!!!! *wink* Thanks for sharing, very hot chicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO!!!! thanks EZ. I am glad you enjoyed it.