Bondage Weekend Part 1

as soon as i walked you in the door i'd grab you and throw you up against the wall so that your **** were pressed to it pinning you there with one hand while my other grabbed the blindfold i'd left by the door. my hand in your back would be replaced with a knee and your hair would be pulled to tilt your head back to accept your Sir's blindfold.  As the hand in your hair pushed your blindfolded face back to the wall you would feel my other hand grabbing your wrist and pulling it to behind your back where it would feel the bite of a rope restraint.  your hair would be let loose and while one hand remained on your pinned hand you'd feel my knee moved lower to your *** and your other hand being pulled and tied next to the first...

"that's going to make it hard to take my shirt off" your smart mouth breaking it's series of grunts and moans to actually speak and in doing so getting the rest of you in even more trouble.  as your face is pressed to the wall with one hand on your cheek you hear a switch blade flip out its blade next to your exposed ear and i see your body shiver.  "not really, a ***** doesn't really need clothes in one piece for a night like tonight."  you feel the cold steel of the dull side of the blade as it moves up your arm to your neck and the pulling of your shirt tells you that your shirt is being removed for you.  you feel a tug as the knife finishes slicing through the neckband of your shirt and the material drops limply off your shoulder. your other sleeve is then sliced and only your bra straps remain on your shoulders.  You begin to open your mouth to protest your bra being cut, but before the words can even escape your mouth you feel the knife at your throat and feel the thin sharp edge of the blade bite in just a millimeter, "i wouldn't if i were you," you hear my voice whisper in your ear so close and soft that you have to will your body not to shiver to avoid slicing your neck on my blade.  the blade leaves your neck and you feel the pop of your bra straps flying off your shoulders.  next you feel the tip of the knife at back of your neck as it traces down your back removing the shirt but skipping over the back of the bra. you feel the shirt fall away and hear it slump to the floor.  your bra is pulled a bit and you feel the fingers of one hand opening the clasp.  "now... would the ***** like to keep her shorts and panties in one piece?" i ask relieving some of the pressure holding your body to the wall.  "yes Sir, please," you reply.  you feel my arms reach around you and unbutton your shorts and then pull them and your panties down in one swift jerk.

you are pulled from the wall by your bound hands and pushed around and slammed against the wall again this time with your back to the wall and the sharp sting down the center of your spine lets you know that your back was in fact marked as your shirt was removed.  you feel my cheek pressing against yours and you hear my take in a breath.  "do you know what i'm going to do to you tonight my dirty little *****?"  "anything you'd like to Sir."  you feel me cheek leave yours and be replaced with my hand softly caressing your face and hair.  "very good answer."  you feel my hand wrap in your hair and pressure on your head forcing you to your knees.

You open your mouth expecting to hear a zipper and get the wonderful feeling and taste of my **** but instead you feel a hand on your bottom jaw closing your mouth for you. "No no no my angel, you'll have to earn that priviledge today."  you hear the rattling of metal and than feel the rough caress of leather being placed around your neck. While one hand holds the leather at the back of your neck the other goes back to your hair bending your head forward and pinning it between my thighs. Once your head is there you feel my hands buckling the collar around your neck just a bit tighter than would be comfortable, the 4 inch tall collar covering your neck in leather and squeezing your neck just enough to make you realize every breath you take. Your head is released from between my legs and your pulled by your hair to a straight postured position and hear the snap of metal on metal as you realize a lead has just been snapped on your collar. Your body begins to shiver a bit with anticipation of being helpless and knowing you're about to be used any way I want for anything I want for as long as I want and there's nothing you can do about it. "STOP!!! No ******* until i tell you youre allowed to beg for it." You think to yourself that you may have gotten yourself in trouble this time.  No one knows you're here, no one knows to expect you, and no one will ever know where to begin looking. You're trapped. You're mine. And that's the way you'll stay until I decide otherwise.

You are led by your neck hobbling on your knees down the hall through the dinning room and up the stairs. You struggle to get up the stairs on your knees and at one point pull back on your lead and begin to protest having to navigate stairs on your knees. As you open your mouth to speak you hear the chain of the lead drop onto the carpet and the jingle of more metal and then feel a ball gag being force between your teeth into your mouth and your head being pinned face down to the carpet as the straps are roughly, tightly secured around your head as you try to scream your displeasure around the gag. You feel your hair being jerked back and the sting on your neck returns just above your collar as you feel the cold blade you'd momentarily forgotten. As you feel the blade bite a bit you hear my voice in your ear, "the only time my ***** will open her mouth is when she's giving head.  DO... YOU... UNDERSTAND?" you nod your head yes as tears begin to well up in your eyes. Knowing that you're stuck in this situation that you have no control of as well as knowing that you've now pissed off the one that does is both exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

You hear the lead being picked up and feel me tug on it telling you to move. As you put one knee on the next step your legs rubbing against each other tells you just how turned on you are as you feel *** running down your leg to your knee.  You struggle to make it up the stairs and finally get to the top step feeling the rug burn beginning on your knees.  You're led across the room on your leash, your knees in agony as they brush the carpet with each step. Your ***** drips more and more *** down your thighs as your hands are untied and you're pulled to your feet. You're pushed over something and your knees are lifted and placed on a padded bench and your hands are strapped to something at the floor. You realize you're strapped to a spanking bench with your *** in the air and your head down. You *** at the thought of what I might do to you. I see your body shiver and you grinding your **** against the bench. You feel my hands grabbing your hair and pulling your head up. "did my pet ***** just *** without permission?" your eyes well up with tears as you feel the ball gag being removed so i can hear your answer  "yes Sir but I'm very sorry" "oh not yet you're not... But you will be."  


your blindfold is removed so that you can see the spanking bench you're mounted to and the plastic dropcloth on the floor beneath it.  you watch as clips are picked up off of the floor and the bungees attached to them are stretched as the clips are attached to first one nipple then the other.  you feel your nipples stretching and pulling as the bungees pull at the clover clamps attached to your nipples.  you arch your back trying to relieve the pain in your **** a bit... as you do the bungees are tightened at the floor attachment to put the tension back on the lines... now you know you've ****** up as you realize that your back has to stay arched with your *** even higher in the air to keep your nipples in only slight pain.  your knees are strapped into their slots.  and you feel my hands roaming over your body, probing your *****, your ***, your thighs, your hips, your back, belly, and neck all feel my hands slide across them, and your **** are smacked a bit making the clamps jiggle and pull.  your head is pulled up as I slap my **** across your cheeks and lips. you open your mouth straining to get a taste of me with your ***** clenching urgently  wanting to feel my **** in a hole... any hole so that you can get the *** you love so much shot inside you somehow, somewhere... i step back just after your tongue slips across the bottom of my **** tasting the precum that was dripping from my ****.  a ring gag is now placed in your mouth.  i walk around beside you and grab another clip on a bungee at your side and walk around behind you.  you feel a bungee being wrapped across the back of your thigh and my fingers pulling your ***** lip out and then you feel the bite of the clip as it is put on your ***** causing an instant rush of pain and excitement.  you realize i'm walking over to your other side and you hear a clamp jingle as my fingers pull your other lips and as you feel the bungee on your thigh you feel another clip bite your *****... you feel me blow across your lips and you feel your ***** clench and pain shoot up your body as your ***** pulled at the clips hooked to your *****. you scream as best you can with the ring in your mouth trying to help the pain subside.  "i'm sure you won't be ******* without my command now will you?" you shake your head and mumble "no Sir" through the gag... "good *****"

you turn your head and watch as I go to a mini fridge in the corner of the room.  i open it and bend over taking something out of it.  i walk back over to you, unwrapping something from foil as i disappear out of your view.  you hear the foil crumple and drop to the ground, then you hear me spit and feel my warm saliva coating your puckered little *** and feel the clamps pull at your nipples and lips as you flinch a bit.  my fingers begin to work around your *** and work their way in and out of your tight little hole.  i spit on your ******* again and work more lube up your ***, then you feel my fingers stop playing with your *** and a cold glass toy replace them.  instantly you have to fight your body not to *** as your wet *** spreads and the toy is pushed in in one firm shove.  your eyes roll to the back of your head as your body enjoys the pleasure of the cold toy chilling your *** from the inside while trying to avoid causing yourself pain from the clips on your nipples and *****.  you feel my fingers thumping on the toy in your *** and hear the tinking of the glass.  then my fingers slide down to your spread open inviting little ****.  I spit on your open lips and you feel me starting to finger your spread lips and the exposed hole dripping *** down over your lips and ****.  up and down your sexy spread hole your feel my finger sliding across your *****. slipping the tip of my finger into your ***** i gyrate my finger slowly pushing up to brush the toy in your *** thru your ***** wall and down to massage your g spot.  my other hand squeezes your *** cheeks before grabbing the rim of plug in your *** and begin to pull it out just enough to watch the largest part of the plug pop out of your *** and then push it back in to the hilt.  in and out the plug works your *** making your ***** even wetter around the finger churning up and down in your tight wet ****.  over and over and over again you feel the toy ******* your *** and my finger making your need to *** more and more urgent. i feel your *** grabbing the toy tighter and tighter with each thrust in and out, your ***** begins to spasm and clench around my finger... "please Sir" you force the words out through the ring between your teeth.  "please Sir what?" "please Sir may I ***?" your words slured by the gag and the erotic trance your body is fighting against as you force yourself not to ***  i pull my finger almost all the way out the next time the toy pull comes out.  i shove three fingers and the toy in hard "***!"

you shiver and convulse, your ***** and *** spasming around the items thrust inside them.  you arch up pulling at the clips on your nipples and lips. now you *** again even harder as the pain in your **** and ***** becomes pleasure washing over you in wave after wave of ******.  Your eyes roll back in your head and I feel you ***** clenching and releasing the three fingers buried inside your wet little *****. You convulse each time a wave of pleasure washes over you and I begin to wonder how long you can hold out. A few more clenched around my fingers and I have my answer. Your body goes limp and I feel you ***** go from earthquakes to aftershocks. I smile to myself knowing you've never been pushed this far into total pleasure. You've never been forced to *** so hard you passed out by anyone else. Now you're all mine. And our weekend has only just begun.
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31-35, M
Mar 5, 2010