Round 1

Laying together on the bed naked she is not interested in the TV program that they are watching in the break that they are taking to catch their breath.  She is interested in his member laying there quiet and soft.  Reaching down she runs her finger along his ****, she looks at him like he is going to take it away, but he opens his legs a little more for her to have freedom to play with her toy.  Holding it in her hand she feels it swell as his excitement and attentions move towards her, slowly stoking him he is getting heavier as the blood rushes into him.


Sitting up she bends over his **** and licks the top of him, his eyes close as he enjoys the soft sensations of her tongue on him.  Her head drops down taking him all the way into her mouth and sliding up, he works to control his breathing and just enjoys the sexual pleasure she is giving him. 


Completely hard now she moves over him and straddles his ****, impaling herself on to his hardened member he looks into her eyes as she sits fully down on him, the lips quiver and the eyes are filled with lust, she loves how he feels inside her hungry *****, not moving up and down just yet on him she moves around just so he is all around inside of her, feeling him deep in her body.   Her breathing is ragged and husky, he feels her wet dripping down his **** on onto his balls.  He begins small thrusts into her lifting her up then pulling down and then back up before she can come back down on to him fully.  “Ohhh.”  Escapes her lips, he knows she is close, “Come on baby, *** on my ****.”  Sitting up straight on him she feels him deepest into her as her ***** washes him in warmth.


“Oh yea.  There you go baby.” He coos at her.  She leans down and he hugs her tightly as her ****** passes, he can still feel her muscles shake from the force of it. 


“Now for round 2” He says…..  she giggles….

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Steamy ..Loved it ;)

I think MT is in a <i>"mood" </i>hehehe!!! ;-)

Very nice mtvlm. What next?

Going to write Round 2....<br />
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Keep you going.....

Your always hot FG!!!! (((HUGS)))

I'll fan you sweet Pix..... *wink*

Well if I hadn't been hot already I would be now. Darn it! Seriously thanks for sharing that MT. ((hugs))

I think you're going to get everyone on EP started with that story MT!!!!! Whew! *Pix fans herself* :-)

Glad to have gotten you started Sophie..... *wink*