Round 2

Holding her close, he rolls her on to her back he sits up pulling his **** out of her and spanking her **** with it, she giggles as he pushes his **** against her wet slit and back into its home, she is so wet that he slides into her smoothly, moving his arms to hook under her legs to pull her up and have her open to the pounding that he is preparing to give her, pulling his member out just to the point where his head is at the opening, then slamming it back into her hard wanting to reach the bottom of her ***** with each thrust.


She gasps with each thrust as he drives himself into her. The look in her eyes is animalistic as he controls her keeping himself dominating on top, the both of them are so wet now with the sweat and pre-*** that the sound of wet flesh smacking is becoming louder.  “Oh baby!” She exhales breathing fast wrapping her arms around his neck to hold on to him, he releases her legs which wrap around him tightly, which changes his movements.


Propping himself on his forearms he holds her shoulders and pulls her whole body down to push on to his swelling member, breathing heavy he starts to grunt in her ear as he continues to push her through the bed,  “*** in my ***** baby.”  She whispers in his ear, “fill me up with it.”  He doubles his efforts to climax into to her wanting body.  Sweat is dripping off his head as he continues to pound on her, hot and wet her ***** grips his **** trying to get the treasure out that she wants to have.   “I’m ******* baby! AGH!!!”  He shouts out her name as he squirts his load into her.


Her hand brushes his face as he looks into those eyes that show love and desire in them.


"Do you need a break before round 3 sweetie?"  He asks

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Working on it now Sophie......

Hope you read part one T..... *wink*

I do and I had one...good job MT...

Glad that you love it Pix.... *wink*

Oh my!! ! I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke! LOL!!!!!! ;-) Very hot story MT!!