Wonder What That Measns?

Because of my pending major crises, and subsequent severe depression and stress, I stopped writing in my main blog for the better part of a week.

I only wrote one very brief entry in the last four or five days, and it wasn't anything earth-shattering, just a brief comment on how I was doing and some poetry that I'd written recently.

Yet, more people have read my other blog since I've STOPPED writing in it, then when I was posting stuff on it, every day.

What the hell does that mean?

Makes me feel a bit strange, really. That more people read me when I'm NOT writing, then when I am. Is that a bad thing? Or is it good?

Beats me.

I wrote a few "found' poems (poems written using existing statements found at random from magazines, newspapers, websites, billboard adverts, graffitti., etc.), the first poems I'd written in well over a year--possibly 2 years.

Not that I'm great shakes as a poet--I prefer reading it to writing it. Especially enjoy 18th century poems and Shakespeare's sonnets, and some 19th century stuff.

I'm not a 100 percent crazy about "free verse," but some of it is very well done--it depends on the poet and the subject matter--and the way the words flow--I suppose. I find writing rhyming poems extremely difficult--doubly so since studying the mechanics behind them---possibly, next to my 3 hour editing class---the most boring class I ever had to spend an eternal hour and a half to sit through--with a professor whose shrilling voice could easily compete with Hyacynth Bucket, from Keeping Up Appearences.

And my sonnets and stuff---yeah, don't wanna' go there, ha-ha.

But I had a bit of "fun" and wrote some found poems based on stuff I found on a website. They're really awful, but I shared them with my blog friends on my other blog--before I'd edited them, so they were probably not much read, to begin with.

But for now, I'm sticking to writing stuff on this site, and this site alone--tho' I've tentitively gone back to my old Doctor Who website and posted a couple of mildly humorous captions, and posted a few entries--but my heart's not completely in it. I'm trying to fight off sucicidal thoughts, afterall, and all I'm really trying to do, is just keep my mind off my depression---but, sadly, I think the depression's winning.

But, writing in any form's good, I hope. I put on the Proclaimers this morning, am going through the motions of doing my morning writing, watching the sunshine slowly creeping forward,  having breakfast and going out to my low-paying naff old job.

So, this is my naff story for today.

Life's big lesson for today: Stop writing. More people will read you.
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1 Response Mar 21, 2007

=] maybe people want to find clues as to why you've stopped??