Can Her Strength Be Measure For She Had Many A Weakness

To tell for a girl, or rather this young woman, for she wasn't a paticular,
She was labled rather peculiar, Nobody understood her.
She had this hard shell, people couldn't see, but everyday.. She'd break down easily
When she walked into the doors of that house, a house never her home, She dreaded the entrance
Always thinking, her death lies there, in this place that isn't a home, their house.
This girl, She's a young woman now, most see her as of age, her wisdom speaks, her timid ways, ease to touch, her voice touches hearts
But, she never speaks, for fear of judgement ahead, yes, it's rather silly, how could she care? It's just people, everyone carries rude snares and insults around here. People just don't care.
Why should she?
She has a soul you know? That doesn't mean they are soulless, she often tries to refrain from such negativity,
But, it was comes back to her.
The Young Woman, she often prays, but to what?
Does she believe, is their someone truly watching or were her fears yet to be confirmed, she is completely alone.
She often wonders, is she strong enough to go on, let this be a warning, for this is no cry for help, so I wish for no pity.
And like you all she has weaknesses and she dreams, will her fears drown her or will she float waiting to plummit to which is a certain new.
And the question still hangs in the air,
Can Her Strength Be Measure For She Had Many A Weakness
18-21, F
May 20, 2012