My Feelings

How does it work?
I can't quite get over this uncommon soul.
Does it match mine?
Something broken, ours.
Put together, perhaps fate?

I see it through and through
I have these feelings,
feelings about you.
Do they mean anything?
Would they matter?

Maybe, Part of me wants to pursue
But, should I wait for you?
Or would I be waiting for forever,
Do these few years matter?
Am I forever alone?

Matching, our spirits seem to be.
Have they met once upon a time,
Long ago it seems to me.
I should just let go,
I shall not.

I go ahead, heart racing..
Does he feel the same?
My heartbeat skips,
My eyes grow alive,
Am I to be, something to this significant sir?

Let me ask,
I know you're reading this.
Do you feel something?
Don't lie to me, if you don't
Just let me know, do you?
18-21, F
May 24, 2012