Gunners Of The East

first of all....this is just a fun read....much like a victory enjoy coz here comes "the gunners of the east"...and sing it along them....

Behind the golden paths they tread
Beyond the fairytales they read
There is a world on its own
And believe me it’s the only one
They call us the beasts
We are the gunners of the east

The dust rises with the rising sun
Bloodsheds are just too much fun
To hell with love forget goodness
Its hatred that we harness
In cold dead deserts we feast
We are the gunners of the east

What if we don’t have a motive?
That itself makes the pleasure superlative
When the 47’s and 56’s play their zings
Along the tunes we make merry we sing
Oh! Did we kill a few? Too bad but we care the least
We are the gunners of the east

We don’t live for what you call life
For 2 little kids and a pretty wife
Nah! It’s too stereotype a story to yearn for
We earn our own legends make our own lore
We live to die to kill to feast
We are the gunners of the east

Our fortune makes us the kings of our lands
We invade we trample we conquer and disband
Not a single one of you got the guts to check us
No! Don’t even dream to make a fuss
We aren’t hermits we aren’t any priests
Beware! We are the gunners of the east

We steal breath and soul and the very essence of your being
When we are around we are the only sight worth seeing
We send chill down the spines
Hey! How about setting your homes over our mines?
Ha! Ha! We are the stepsons of the devil
Hey! Damn! But do we look like evil?
Don’t you dare hurt our pride idiots! We keep it safe in our chests
We are the gunners from the east

Yeah we are coming we come for you
When we run wild “brother” what will you do?
Just behold the breathes till we make them ours
Ah! Don’t you worry we are damn quick, we don’t take hours
Will it hurt? Of course dear! But we care the least
Because we are the gunners of the east

The day is not far when we will conquer pole to pole
Beneath our feet will lay each and every soul
The whites the blacks the browns the yellows
Every color will come under our rainbow
Till that day we’ll wait live to kill and feast
We are the gunners of the east…
anuragch11 anuragch11
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012