Jasons Mystery. Part 2

Jennifer knew that her banging on the window was useless, and that she will not be heard. She kept asking herself if it was a dream. Her tears would not stop running down her face. she felt so dizzy and slowly fell to the floor, it seemed like a long fall as if she has fallen from an enormous mountain. Her body laid there, just under the cold window. The house was so quiet, and Jason no where to be seen his finger prints of blood covered the house, wall to wall and form the ceiling to the floor.

The town of One Way had thousands of myths and legends, some were true and some were absolutely false, but the things that were true no one could tell. This house they lived in is where the rumours had fell, all these rumours were very true, and don't forget to keep this between me and you.

Jason was a boy of only 16 years of age, he lived with his mother who he kept in a cage, his mother would love him and care for him what ever it takes, she will never stop loving him till the day her soul will be taken away. Jason was not a normal child, no. He was a child of mystery and he would always keep a distance from everyone else. He kept his mother in a cage only to protect her, that day he took the scissors off the floor, he only cut himself instead of his mother, he held strong to it and lost all his fingers on his left hand, one by one he would cut it and his scream would be heard from miles away. This mystery could not be explained by anyone even Dr Bill. Dr Bill wore glasses and he would only help who he intented to, he was a difficult man, a difficult man with a very lovable heart but he has a weird way of showing it. His wife Amanda says "He has a kind heart." Amanda was a woman of great beauty, a mother to anyone who needs one and a friend to whoever wishes to talk about any problem. She was loveable.

Jennifer woke up, only to find herself in a cage. "Jason? oh god what is this?" she slowly looks around and tries to find a way to unlock the cage "Jason what am I doing in here? what has got into you, get me out of here right now!" Jennifer started to cry not knowing what has happened to her son. Suddenly Jason runs into the room "You have to stay in there" he says without any more explanations.
"What? Jason what happened last night? why..why was you trying to kill me...I don't understand... don't you love me?"
"Mum please don't cry, I don't know mum something got into me, like this strange presence was there with us or in me I don't know, mum I promise I will never hurt you!"
Jennifer quickly realises Jasons hands "Jason... Jason your hand, oh god what happened to your hand? I'm so confused, I don't know what's going on I hope this is all a dream" Jennifer repeats to herself, hoping that this is all a dream and that any time she will open her eyes into the real world, but sadly this was it.

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Part 3 is coming soon! :)
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

What's wrong with Jason??? For him to do that to himself, to his mother, sounds sooooo demonic...sadistic...! Wow...hope part 3 is already up...

Nooo, you did it again! I want to know what happens! "Coming soon" isn't quick enough!

Haha, it's not your fault I'm impatient.

Well, if you'd stop with the plot twist and the cliffhangers...! Haha, j/k (sort of, cliffhangers make me crazy 'cause I wanna know what happens!). But seriously, you took the time to put it up, and I love to read what other people have written. And it's my duty as a faithful reader to bug you until you finish! :D