Jasons Mystery. Part 3 - This Is Goodbye.

A week passed and everything was still the same, Jennifer in a cage like a bird, and Jason scared of doing something that he will regret. But he held strong he didn't want this "thing" to take over his life and to control him, he wanted to know what was going on exactly.
"Mum, I'm letting you out now I want you to be more careful and I don't want you to tell anyone about what happened yesterday"
Jennifer nods, she sat in the corner of the cage for a while, scared and frightened of her own son. It was like she didn't even know him anymore, she didn't know what to do or what to say, she was speechless.

It was evening, it started to snow "wow, looks like it will be a white christmas" said Amanda in a happy voice.
"Oh the last time it was a white christmas was when I was 16 and how the snow would make us happy, me and my brother Dean would run out quickly to make all kinds of things with the snow... oh the good times." Dr Bill replied holding his glasses in his hands. Amanda, looking away from the window and came to sit beside Bill "So, how is Jason? Is he alright?"
"It's been 3 weeks now, you know I honestly don't know." He puts his glasses back on. "Everytime I call their house number it's either busy or no one picks up" He pointed out.
"How about we visit them?" She suggested.
"I think we should." They both agreed and got ready to go. By now it was snowing heavily, the snow covered every inch of their garden and the roads were sparkling, everything looked so magical and beautiful, as if it was made of diamonds. They both headed to the car and made their way to Jennifers place. The roads looked the same, it was as if they were just going round and round in circles, or even stuck in a looped second. In the distance they could see a silhouette as they entered One Way, it was a silhouette of a man. He was running towards them, runnning towards them so fast. Amanda had to stop the car at this point. The man stood still with blood dripping down his face.
"Bill do you see that? there's blood everywhere on him." She whispers. The man was breathing hard as he looked into the eyes of Amanda from a distance. He was only a few centimetres away.
"I'll go and see what's wrong with him." Dr Bill said. He opened the car door. "Excuse me sir is everything alright" He slowly approached the strange man. This time the snow has gotten lighter. "Is there anything I can help with?" the man didn't say a word, he only looked directly at Amanda in the car. He stopped breathing. Swiftly, his body dropped to the floor, blood surrounded him making him stand out in the white diamond like snow. Dr Bill, shocked to witness such a thing, he walked towards the strange man trying to examine what exactly happened. The man twitched, this made Dr Bill take a few steps back, but he really wanted to know how this strange man ended up with blood all over his face. Dr Bill was a therapist who also in his previous years was a doctor, so he slowly kneeled down to the cold body and tried to hold him up and see, the strange man jumped at him. Struggling, Dr Bill couldn't get him off him. The man screamed. His loudest scream. This strange man biting Dr Bills neck, blood everywhere. In sadness, Amanda screams and cries not knowing what to do, she quickly got out of the car and ran towards them.
"NO! OMG! What are you doing?! Get off him." Crying so loudly Amanda got hold of the man and started to push him away and smack him. Her anger rised and rised, her eyes pouring with tears, she manages to get the man off her husband.
"Bill! Bill?! BILL!" Shouting and screaming, Amanda was out of her mind. Petrified. Could not believe her eyes.
"Ama...Amanda...I love you...I'm so sorry." Dr Bill responded, looking at her beautiful glowing face, reflecting the snows white surface.
"No, no Bill no don't leave me, I'll get you help, I'll get you help right now Bill, stay with me." Amanda looks around searching for someone in sight, but there was no one.
"Bill, I love you, you are my amazing husband, my friend, my whole family, I will hold on to you forever, in my heart, you have been with me through the good and the bad, the most amazing person...I love you" She lays on his shoulders and cries.
"I love you" Dr Bill whispers. Slowly he closes his eyes. As he holds Amanda in his arms, he dies while his love was in his arms...his love in his arms.
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So who is the man.???..I was thinking probably Jason but I don't know...so sad that he died, ESP in that way...what's Amanda gonna do now...and they were being the good Samaritan...!