Jasons Mystery. Part 4 - Amanda

It was night, with only the moonlight, the snow reflected and there was a glow it lit the whole town up, in a strange way. Amanda was still holding Dr Bill crying and remembering the days him and her were happy together, the strange man was laying just behind them he was still but it looked as if he was sleeping. Amanda didn't know what to do, she just wanted to sit there forever and hold her husband close to her and never let him go, she couldn't accept the fact that he was gone. It started to snow even more now, Amanda looked up and said "God I want you to protect my husband, I lost him and now he is with you." She looked down at her husbands face and gave him one last kiss. She slowly got up gently putting him back on the floor, and walked towards One Way. Her mind was empty she didn't want to think about what happened, she didn't want to think that it was real. She loved Dr Bill so very much that she even knew everything that he likes and dislikes, she loved him so much that she would never raise her voice even if he disagreed on something that she really wanted to do. Everyone described her as a too good to be true kind of woman. she never layed eyes upon any other man despite the fact that she was so beautiful. Her eyes glew with honesty, never would she tell a lie to anyone, never would she hurt anyone even if she was to dislike that person she would try her best to help them. A woman of true beauty was what she was known as.

The sun was rising as she was entering the town, the town seemed really quiet but light and it was really beautiful. Jennifer and Jason weren't the only ones living there, their neighbour Selena lived right across the street, it was only them who lived in this town, in this huge town. The town was only discovered a short while ago and there wasn't alot of notice to the people, people were too scared of the myths and legends that were being said about this exact town. Selena was a woman who believed that the myths and legends were not true and she said when she came to this town she felt relaxed and everything seemed natural. Jennifer also heard of these myths and legends but she also believed that they are just made up, false.

Amanda was really tired, but she was close. Just 5 minutes away from jennifers house, she was really glad that she had jennifer as a friend because she had no family. She had lost her family in an airplane crash, her brother, Father, Mother and sister, when she was only 5 years of age, she stayed with her auntie from that time but at the time they died she was told that they would just have a longer holiday and will come back when they were ready. Amanda did not understand what they needed to be ready for, but she also didn't ask.

There was a knock on the door. Jennifer was in the shower, and Jason was looking out the window, worried. He quickly walked down the stairs and opened the door "Amanda? are you alright?" blood covered all over her hands and coat.
"Bill... a strange man..." she held her neck and said "his neck." she couldn't help but cry. Jason, shocked, called his mother and told her to come. Jennifer could hear a faint voice but did not quite get what it was saying, but soon she realised it was Jason calling her, without a thought she jumped out of the shower, grabbed her towel, unlucked the door and started to run to Jason "Jason? what's going on?" she notices Amanda standing beside Jason, she didn't know if Jason had done something to Amanda, or something else has happened. "Oh my god! Amanda, what happened?"
"It's Bill, he was bitten, I don't know, by this man with blood all over his face, he was staring at me... why would someone do that? I don't know what to do..." she said in an angry yet pretty calm voice and moved forwards towards Jennifer. She was still crying, her heart was beating so fast and her hands were shivering and time seemed so slow for her. She just wanted to stay silent, locked in a room, she didn't want to live anymore, her days of happiness...gone. Forever. She thought to herself "I have lost my family, and now I've lost my love, I have nothing...nothing."
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Oh god now what's gonna happen...! I wonder what the mystery is...this town seems to be such a spooky place to live in...think Selena's gonna be trouble...her name just sounds bad...poor Amanda, devastated like that..:(

Okok...Jason's therapist is like a cannibal...another twist to the tale..it seems like a long story...update soon...

I mean, yay 'cause you posted. This was sad. Poor Amanada : (

Double yay! I am genuinely excited for the rest then!

Yay : )