The Way That I Love

I love, With sweetness with care with worry 

I love, Like a woman mature like a child with innocence  

I love, Without thinking or doubting without measuring consequences  

I love, Faithful and honestly without secrets or understatements 

 I love, With uncontrollable emotions like a teenager, warm in the morning blazing after midnight 

 I love, With anger with frustration resentment at times hate

 I love, With forgiveness and a hand full of patience  

I love, Manipulating every move, every word, every kiss stimulating to push you over the edge 

 I love, Always aiming to go where no other has been making me replaceable just maybe forgettable only never  

I love, With passion with determination with confidence 

 I love, Without limits without boundaries at times blindly 

  Like that with no time with no end with no beginning like insanity That's how I want to love again.

ForeverTeen ForeverTeen
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2009