My Creativity

I started writing poetry when I was twelve years old, when my mother put me on punishment her way of punishment was for me to stay in my room and read. After finishing all of the tales in this book of rhymes, I started writing my own poems. The poems that I wrote when I was twelve got lost in the shuffle on moving when I was young but, in 1990 I started writing again and kept a note pad to write them down. I was recognized in 1991 and was asked to recite for June-teenth at a community center that I work for. I also started painting and making jewelry but I never sole anything. Then in 2005 I published a novel and was working on a book of poetry, the book is called Seen Through These Eyes. The book of poetry was published in 2009 and was called "Passions To Declai'r" One of which me and husband have written poetry, I am now going to school to obtain my Bachelors in find art and design. I am working on another novel and hope that it will be finished at the end of this year. Creativity
Imoni48 Imoni48
46-50, F
Apr 28, 2012