A Passion, In The Form Of A Hobby

Creeping Upon a Page

You whisper from my mouth like so many flying birds
Your sentence begins creeping up upon this page
A idea thats lost and formed again
In a second thats spelt an age

Too much is crowded down
And lost to speculation
A writers greatest folly
Is the onset of trepidation

A nagging fear and sinous doubt
All take root within this church
A church of words and a palace of meaning
A libarary for all to search

So much to write
So much to put down
So much in the learning
And all in a noun

I could write forever
If only my hands would let me
All I need is sight and ink
I hope you'll all agree

As everyone else had written a poem I thought I'd write one too. I love writing but I never tell anyone unless its under a false name. I don't like taking credit for it because I just feel embarresed.
I write poetry the most because I just find it easy to do. Inspiration comes from anywhere but I really want to write a story, I just never have the inspiration or patience to keep it going. I get bored and lose concentration very easily when it comes to story writing.

I'm going to admit some of my rhymes are not the best and I didn't start out writing rhyming poems but in the past couple of months I've really picked it up. Most of my work is non-rhyming but its swiftly being caught up by that that does rhyme.
I'm not going to stoop to selling myself on here but if your genuinley interested type the name OcurusAngel into Google and go from there.
I'd love to see comments because I like talking about writing. I tihnk this goes without saying but I love reading too, more stories than poetry but as a poet you should always read other peoples work.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
Jul 19, 2010