Have You Ever Been So Lost

Have you ever been so lost
So confused of what to do
That everything you ever built
Comes crashing down on you

When you know you know whats right
But your chilled straight to the bone
Fighting for your sanity
You only want whats wrong

Fighting all your senses
The man thats on your right
Blurring your own vision
A blindfold to kill your sight

You had the chance to love her
You chose the path to Death
To be rescued by another
Her head lays on your chest

You fight the love of your first
You try your damn best
There is still a hole thats missing
A gaping hole left in your chest

Have you ever been so lost
So confused of what to do
Yes, I am so that man
Could you tell me what to do

Be the light that guides me
Be the star to guide me home
Render me a sinner
Tell me right from what is wrong
UnseenMisery UnseenMisery
18-21, M
3 Responses Apr 28, 2011

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them

thanks for the comment. seems to happen to a lot of us.

I feel like that alot of times, but i just start telling myself that life.