I love her; how much she'll never know
She stands on a rainbow in the sky
I touch her softly just with my eye
But kiss her soul and say goodbye.
Until sun and rain do meet again
My heart will wait to fly.
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8 Responses Jun 15, 2011

Oh heavenly RAINBOW illusion grand
Awful beauty displayed above the land,
A burning love like ours, real, honest, true
Brightens the days I’m far away from you... xxxx

Sweet.. :)

you're most welcome....now I so wish the words for my poems would come out just as good ;)

Beautiful. Your words have struck a chord we me

so lovely!

she stands on a rainbow in the sky! beauifylx

it would be too short if it didnt say so much! bravo!

oh this is so from your heart! so much said, in so few words...love it

Very nice! I love rainbows.<br />
So I take it your saying she's unreachable? A fantasy maybe?