Yes I Can

I can remember lots of things
I remember where I put your envelope
remember where I put your stamp.  
I remember the glass I took to my lips
Before I licked and sealed it tight.  

I hope the clip didn't pinch too tight
When I fixed it to my box last night, 
Waiting for the mailman to arrive
In that right hand jeep he drives
and parks it at the curb.  

So tell me, did the corners bend
On the letter you I sent?
Did the mailman carry gentle
the card so sentimental
that I just had to send to you?

Did you slice it open
or rip it with your finger?
the card that shared my feelings, 
left my emotions reeling
with that hint of perhaps-I-shouldn't 

I hope it didn't cut your pinkie, 
this envelope which leaves me thinking
perhaps the greatest joy's receiving
the simple envelope I'm leaving
In your letterbox tonight,  

Maybe I should just write a note
a simple, silly anecdote
to tell you just what I'm feeling.  

But I'm just not wired that way
I must keep sentiment at bay,  
For it is just my nature.  

But nature can be uprooted.  
lkosice lkosice
31-35, M
1 Response Oct 19, 2011

Nice! It's a shame that people don't write letters much anymore, or so it seems.

Yes, the age of correspondence romance may be gone. I remember waiting for each letter. I think you've inspired a new story or poem.

Really? How delightful :o) I hope it's good positive inspiration.

Here it is. I'd enjoy knowing what you think of it.

You were right about the line. Thanks for the catch!

You're welcome.

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