A Momentary Glimpse Of Me

You think your overprotectiveness can tie me down.
Each day in your insecurity I am forced to drown.
You call it love,
I call it imprisonment.

Your criticism cuts through my heart,
it tears my whole world apart.
You have doused me in your overprotectiveness,
you have snapped and spat at me in your distress,
you have abandoned me when my world was an ugly mess,
you are the ones I no longer try to impress.

I wonder what I did you deserve this
what I did that scared off pure solitude and bliss.
You say you love me,
it seems as though you loathe me.
Your accusations gnaw at my sanity,
your insecurities cut me off from the rest of humanity.

Like Rapunzel I am living trapped in a tower,
held captive within the clenched fist of your power.
You fail to understand the Hell my life has become;
you fail to see what your ‘love’ has done.

I can not wait to break free.
I can not wait until I can truly be me;
not this faint imprint of the girl you see.
For this is just the lie I pretend to be.
If only you could truly see
that this odd creature you are keeping trapped is not me
but in fact a disguise of perfection that I wear over my true identity. 
wordhustler95tb wordhustler95tb
18-21, F
Jan 16, 2012