What More Cruel Can Be ?

Why children have to suffer?
Have fear in their eyes?
Cry themselves to sleep
On cold floors everynight?

No one is there to love them
No one is there to care
Abused behind closed doors
How much a child can bear?

They have the brightest smile
Yet, a pain so deep
Hoping maybe tomorrow
Someone will reach to help.

A baby that is growing
In his cozy womb
Is killed by his own mother
What is more cold and cruel?

A silent scream of pain
With nowhere to escape
And no one can hear them
Dying in despair

Killing them slowly with
Insulin burning their skin
Cutting their arms, thrown in trash
What more cruel can be ?

The one they most love
The one they most trust
Takes their life away
Then regret the past.

So innocent and helpless
So full of life and joy
How they cannot see it?
How can they distroy?

Children are our future
A beauty with no compare can be
All need to be cared for
Loved unconditionally

How can we make a change?
Let's think and start today
Let's save the helpless ones
That are in harms way.

Beggin with a prayer
Finish with a life
That you saved and care for
From now till you die.

teiubesc teiubesc
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2012

Sad, that something so precious, would be harmed by the ones that are suppose to love them. Nice writing!

Thank you I will :-)