I Have Died

I have died

Oh how I have suffered till now

But eventually it has ended

No more pain

Today I have laid my heart and soul to rest

No more feeling

No more shadows that haunt me

Just an empty corpse now roams

Seeking darkness that dwells within me

Black coffin laying before you

Ashen faced you stare in disbelief

How could this be

But you know

Deep down you know

You blame yourself

This is your doing

You killed me slowly

Taking everything from me

You sentenced me to my death

My new home

A black coffin

Wrapped icely in darkness

Do not weap

Your tears are too late now

Your sorrow will accompany you and your friends will blame you

Standing at my graveside

Nothing much left to do

A thorn wreath in one hand

A rose in the other

One for the love you once gave

One for the pain you caused

Placing them on my coffin

Defining a life gone by

Spade in hand

Covering what was with sand

Laying to rest that which you destroyed

Deep in an unforgiving pit

Dark clouds form above

The sun hides

Lightening strikes out

Angry thunder shouts

Echoing what you have done

The first night without me

How does it feel

Is it cold and dark around you

Do you see my lifeless form before you

Do you feel my icey stare

Slicing through your heart

Bit by bit

Watching as crimpson droplets fall to the ground

Is the pain so unbearable that you dare not breathe

It fulfills your entire being


What I went through

Now taken over by you

You came along and stole me from my hiding place

You saved me from the dark loneliness that once engulfed me

Now after so long

You've let me go

You returned me to what I used to know

No more warmth to enfold me

Only the icy cold darkness

Resigned to my coffin of doom

An act of fate

So twisted

So cruel
Drakimo Drakimo
41-45, F
May 17, 2012