Internet Dating

Internet dating... You punch it all in, jazz it up with a few lines about yourself. I am happy (but not really) carefree (but not always) out going (except when I realise how lonely I am) take great care of myself (except for on another Saturday night when I have been stuffing the Haagen Das and glugging the chardonnay out of sheer and utter mind crushing boredom) I am fun ( except when I just want to bury myself under the duvet in sheer frustration) create a persona so attractive that even passing comets veer off course and steer their way to you.

But should you tell the truth??

'I am an insecure, lonely, over anxious hermit, who desperately wants to be loved. I do have a big heart (and this is true) but I am shy to meet people. I have a pretty nice exterior but want to avoid being humped and dumped!!!'

Put this in your profile and you'd be lucky to attract shrek!! you go with the flowery, sunshiney, sugar coated option in the hope that someone will notice!!! hit the button and wait for the e-mail to start rolling in...

At first blush it SEEMS that finding someone that your attracted to and compatible with would be easy using the raw processing power of the Internet...but the sad truth is that all it does is prove that there really isn't anyone out there for us at all!

Maybe the Internet has killed love in the sense that it has taken away our illusions about who is really out there and available to choose from?

In 1800 you could blissfully go through your life truly believing that your special someone was "out there" and you could meet them at any moment.

Thanks to eHarmony and we no longer have that blissful ignorance. We now know EXACTLY who is waiting for us "out there" and our selection consists almost entirely of broke nutters with faces only a Mother could love.

I think I was happier not knowing!!!!
Drakimo Drakimo
41-45, F
May 17, 2012