My heart has been aching so much since the day I found out about you. I didn't know what to do as I know I couldn't have you. During the weeks I kept you protected while waiting for the expected. Today two years ago I had to say goodbye before I could say hello. You held on for so long but you were gone before I knew. Happiness turned to sorrow as there was nothing I could do. Through my tears and bleading heart I would have to fight. I would have cuddled and loved you and kept you safe but you were in another place. Although I hurt right now and my heart is still broken I'm not ashamed to feel the way I do. I never got the chance to know you or hold you but my tears are all in memory of you so remember mommy will always love you. RIP BABY MARSHALL 12/12/2009
Drakimo Drakimo
41-45, F
May 17, 2012