Touch A Little

So as time pass I sit here in class
Wondering if all you want is for me to touch a little ***
With thoughts in my head that I apprise and grasp
To a certain degree where I try and let lust pass
Attempting to find out if your brain is as good as you look
I rather be schooled by your knowledge then the intelligence
You can provide with your head but I know its crazy cause
You stay in the books
Let me begin writing on your pages with my pencil let me read
Your scripts I swear my tongue is a tool but it spits with a lisp
Words may get tied up and twisted but ill sound them out so it wont
Appear so congested
This novel I am devouring its so nutritious
The words im feeding my cerebrum is delicious
I would offer to share with the world yet that seems like such a far distance
Certainly these words out my mouth ill have to vouch for
So I reassure you that all needs well be accounted for
Gazing thru thee eyes of a man with taste on a tongue that
Wants to get you sprung see my thirst for enlightenment will surely get me hung
Ill perform such a piece that will have you Hitting notes that haven’t been sung
A masterpiece that’s hasn’t been won ill sore to higher
Altitudes just to get this done
So before the last minute in class I was wondering is that all
You wanted me for just to touch a little ***
heyigotcha heyigotcha
22-25, M
Jun 20, 2012