Betrayal Tastes Sour

The heat of injustice drips over my face
And revenge inspires my wadded up hands
The flavor of betrayal; so sour the taste
And to lash I would, but control owned my hand

Coincidence; rain falls and whets my rage
And thick clouds above me ring out their hearts dry
The earth feels my bloodlust and prepares a stage
clouds tear o’er the earth; let out several great cries

Stupidity and lust do tutor him so
And learned in their arts is my ignorant foe
I admit Jealousy, my tutor for years
And it whispers revenge to my opening ears

Ice cold truth,
on a dish,
served with reality; a side
In spoonfuls, in handful is shoved in his mouth
Reality, so strong will be his newly brewed teacher
But I can’t! My desires stay locked up inside

And as for the girl...

The hypocrite
The ignorant
Floating tree in the breeze
Your opinions changed easy
Your idiocy irritates me

Like clay
you were molded
your tutor stupidity
No opinions are retained
you heart turns against

So easy to jump
And dismiss everything
Her betrayal came swift
And so easy towards me

What a pendulum!
How you sway
you swing back, and swing forth
And continue to swing
Ten times?
Ten more?

Never ending!
What are we?
Have you left me alone?
Every move made inspected
And every move made is wrong

I am sure you see through
Bitter shards of cracked glass
because you distort and you change
Your vies of me
rather fast

you switch and change lenses
change them all
change them back
And they focus on me
Power medium,
Full blast

I’m examined, every inch
Only flaws do you see
In my soul
In my heart
Because all’s wrong with me

You skilled archer, you
Where’s your target?
Who'll it be?
And you collect all your arrows
And you point them at me
(Because I’m a giant flaw
No redeeming qualities)

I’m tied up and prodded
And poked
And I’m stabbed
You wonder why I hide
At each opening you jab

Currently I’m drowning in a sea of wet black
And swimming around are my emotions so real
I drain the hot sea onto land of bright white
And its striped landscape holds all the anger I feel

My focus is embodied in the milky black white
And my hands flutter, violent, across the white page
And I’m damaged; you look at me under the lenses
I am unbalanced so, and corrupted by rage

The boy I hope takes a hard shot of apathy
And regretfully swallow sharp, salty regret
And his tutor ignorance will leave from his ear
As the two are the same, only bonded through fear
wolfshield wolfshield
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2012