M A G I C - W O R D S

ALL MEN think they are Magicians
they think they can sweep us off
our feet with a few magic words !

Their favourite word is abracadabra
but have you ever examined it  ?
A BRA - CAD - A BRA  A CAD looking
for two full bras !

Well we know all men dream of a 
********* but the majority of
them can't even satisfy ONE !

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5 Responses Sep 21, 2012

******* brilliant what imagination u have

ha ha reminds me of a pic i used to have as an avatar of a girl looking up a mans kilt

now thats a good way of viewing it!

With a heel firmly planted behind his ear, I don't think his head is going to move :)

Damn that's funny. But you do know that a man will do or say anything if he thinks its Fourplay. Lol

So funny and so wise! You are a true magician with words. I shall be doubly cautious of men with their magic wands in future! xx

I loved the "A BRA - CAD - A BRA"...he is a cad for exclaiming a bra twice :D

Sorry to burst your bubble but I can , and yes the ********* is always a dream , if only they came true,

Like your style with pictures and words :-))

I enjoy darts but hell not that much, the three girls however what can I say the image is in my mind, The two guys one girl I could live with LOL