TODAY, they prevail, they are all around,
in your backyard and in your hometown.
The senseless loss of talent and life,
our Young Generation is losing the fight.

What has stolen their Innocence,
and left them so blind?
Thinking that the Gangs love them,
Wake Up and Take Back your own minds.
Love doesn't hurt, so that could not be true,
they beat you or sex you in,
now herein, lies your clue.

You've lost so much
from the start,
your future, your family,
it has all fallen apart.
You've turned your back,
on what you know is right.
Now the Gangs are in control,
and they take much Delight,
in sending YOU, to an Early Grave,
to make room for the next bunch of
Stupid Slaves!

That's right, Slavery,
is still in full force, the young, as well
as old have mapped out its
destructive course.
This is No Game, I'm telling
YOU why, to be in a Gang is to DIE!

For what you say, a Creed, a Color,
a Sign, your Turf and Respect?
HEY, that's not what Life is all about!
Find a Way Out, It's about Time,
You Say, 'No More GANGS, 'OK, '
My Life, Begins, as of TODAY!

© Copyright 2012 THE GIFT
1 Response Sep 22, 2012

this is so true :/