In My House

Oh House, that was mine
Once I looked down your corridors
Finding emptiness, vain aspects
Kindness, loathed by anguish and sorrow

In My House... I saw no tomorrow

Dread House, of a thousand wretched sins
Screaming within my heart's door
No more, 'To be or not to be'
Beauty, I'll trade for my dross

In My House... All seemed lost

Faint House, 'twas a mere dream
Perverted Heaven's Pearly Gates
Alive, in it day after day sheer hell

In My House... No soul will tell

Caged House, that once was mine
Flee me now, turn back all time
Let me not be as today
Send from God, Sweet Peace, I Pray

In that house... I no longer stay...

© Copyright 2012 THE GIFT
Sep 22, 2012