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I ~ L O V E Mature Ladies & Men

MATURE LADIES are always well groomed
They always look and scent beautiful
They love to be kissed and pleasured
They really appreciate the attention of a nubile Girl
They are never in a hurry making love
They are very experienced with YIN & YANG
They have lovely boudoirs & never disappoint
They are very adventuresome and have lovely toys
They always have sweet wine & cookies
They have big baths & showers & Jacuzzis


MATURE MEN  have experience and patience
They appreciate the nubility of young ladies
They have the means to wine and dine
They never just come & go they come & stay !
They are well groomed and scent nice
They are entertaining and love to pleasure
They appreciate good grooming and lingerie
They always show their appreciation with presents
They are not jealous or clingy or presumptive
They enjoy your company and attention !

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sorry the faker is posting sexually explicit content... and the real person is 17

don't mind explicit, its the illegal at 17 and also impersonation of being someone that bothered me.... I enjoyed your poem a lot!!

obviously I am not talking about you....but someone who commented on this poem

Bell thats why the poem was so clever!! ANd adorable !!!

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Well spoken and fully appreciated. Your poetry is insightful and positive.Experience in life is a great teacher and makes us appreciate beauty, grace, charm and even excitement. I love it!

Mature people are for the most part better partners. They have patience and love to teach and learn. smiles***

Very true Belle. smiles***

You are a sweet girl X

glad you appreciate this truth!

love wine & cheese and them both together even more!