C H R I S T M A S ~ H A I K U !

Ohhhhhhhhhhh No one warned me 
the tree top would be so thick
and long - I love it !

Check  the stats ! Two billion
children - 850 million chimneys - 220 million miles
all in 12 hours - WOW !

 Be kind to yo' Turkey dis Christmas
'Cos Turkeys just wanna have fun
Turkeys are cool an' Turkeys are wicked
They don't want an onion stuck up their BUM !
Their message is brief - Show mercy - EAT BEEF ! 


In AD 320 the POPE proclaimed 
that CHRISTMAS DAY was 25th December
Weather wise this was a bad choice !
I've written to POPE BENEDICT - with evidence
suggesting JESUS was born on 25th June !

The British think they still rule the World !
They have paper tubes (crackers) containing paper crowns
They open these with a great bang - and then
They sing "GOD save the QUEEN" - and then
They all wear the crowns - AMAZING !

ALABAMA USA - In 1836 became the first
US State to celebrate CHRISTMAS !  I have
visited ALABAMA and I can report that they
treat every day as if it was Christmas Day !


This is my outfit for Christmas Day - I can be booked
as a Santagram for £100 = $150 - cheaper on other
days !  Well a Girl has to live !  LOL JASMINE XOXOX

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3 Responses Nov 26, 2012

That was nice. Love the Christmas outfit btw. :D

good funny interesting

Nice wording, and great outfit for santagram.