Underneath The Magnolia Trees

Everyday we would lay
Underneath the magnolia trees,
Just watching each other,
Loving each other.
You gaze deep into my eyes,
As I do to yours, and for that moment;
That single moment in time,
There is love.

And how sweet it would be
To hold you underneath the magnolia trees.
To listen to you breath,
A sigh of complete relaxation,
A sigh of love.
There is love.

What I would give to be with,
In this sweet, serene place,
But you are not there,
Nor have we even met,
Yet, I know more of your distinct beauty,
Than any mere being.
I have found love.

One day, we shall lay for eternity,
Underneath the magnolia trees,
And we shall gaze into each others eyes,
And listen to each other breath a sweet sigh of relief.
I will hold you in my arms, forever.
There will be love.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

sweet and touching!

Beautiful Poem!! :)