R O O M ~ M A T E ~ S I X T Y ~ N I N E !

WHO AM I to be so bless - ed
Hostess to my perfect Queen
WHO AM I  to have such riches 
sights that others have not seen ?

Choice of room mates serendipous
was it by the Gods decided ?
When i Saw ger how my heart lept
she was perfect ~ God provided !

Tall and slender ~ like poplar
gold of skin ~ jet black her hair
Silk and green of jade ~ her raiment
her aura mystical and rare.
Teeth of ivory ~ lips of fire
breasts and buns beyond desire

She smiled and said I'm NEFERTITI
and I am JASMINE ~ I replied
"Fate has decreed we should be soul mates
sharing caring side by side !".

The whole room filled was ~ with her presence
wafts of incense ~ scent of musk
When we embraced my heart stopped beating
senses could I ~ no longer trust !

naked we lay our bodies gripping
our sweet ******* sixty-nined 
Lips with each others honey dripping
all love's caprice was cast aside !
Her perfect body in my arms
my soul seduced by all her charms !


Thanx for reading - please comment if you so wish.
I have had many sensuous "Room Mate ~ Soul Mates"
but NEFERTITI (like Olivia) was in a class of her own !

This poem is written as a double 4 4 6 rhyming sonnet

I love sharing !  Lots of Love JASMINE ~  XOXOXOXOX

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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I really liked that poem!
Intimate and warming!

I am very well aware of the benefits of G on G can be!

I have never been in a MFM situation but have had FMF...
very exciting and would do it again if the opportunity arose!

A very stimulating poem with even more stimulating photos. I wish I had a roommate like her.