Song for Sunday ! Who is He ?

WHO IS HE in yonder stall
at whose feet the shepherds fall ?

WHO IS HE  to whom they bring
all their sick and sorrowing ?

WHO IS HE  on yonder tree
dies in pain and agony

WHO IS HE  who from the grave
rose to rescue heal and save 

WHO IS HE  from Heaven's throne 
sends his SPIRIT to his own

It's the LORD - O wondrous story 
It's the LORD - the King of Glory 
At his feet we humbly fall
Crown Him - Crown Him - Lord of All !

I know you will enjoy this Hymn which traces
the Life of Jesus  - from the Incarnation to HIS
present reign in GLORY with GOD the FATHER.

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Acknowledgments to Benjamin Hanby for poem.

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3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

A very uplifting poem

I'm fairly shure it's Eric Cartman.

He is everyting human and that is not that far from what your idol was supposed to be if you regard it in the right light.

Fourth generation atheist, me. Doesn't mean i don't have a spiritual side though...

You know i seldom talk about religion but because im a believer i know that even alot of things not answered still im happy God give us all enough blessings and healthy body and i wish everyone a joyous dat for the coming Christmas Day and his birth.I love you all....