L O V E ~ M E in the M O O N L I G H T !

My love wanes and waxes with the Moon
I'm hot and sexy when the Moon's above me
Her emanations make libido bloom !

When Moon is full ~ I'm full of love
I'm ready willing able ~ on the table !
Served up you my turtle dove
No difference if you're Mike or Mabel !

Al the love that in my heart resides
Is yours to savour when the Moon is full
My love is flowing like the tide
And like the ocean ~ my heart feels it's pull

The Moon strips all my NO's away
My inhibitions melt before her rays
I'm naked in your head ~ almost naked on my bed
I'm yearning for the fore and after plays !

Someone (who shall be nameless) asked me to write
a sexy poem !  I try not to disappoint my CIRCLE - so
this is it !  Thanks for reading - please comment - JAXX

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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

A very sexy poem indeed