Where I Hang Me Knickers Is Me Home !

Wherever I hang me knic-kers is me home !
I leave me land me people and me home
For reasons me not too shure - I forsake de SUN
an' de humming bird splendour - an' de bananas !.

So ah pick me up a New World place ...........
an' ah come to dis place called -  HENGLAND
At first i feelin' like I dream - de misty greyness
I touchin' de walls to see if they real - dey are !

Too many people per hacre - pourin' from de tube
so many people - pourin' like  beans pourin' from a can !
An' when i look up to de sky - I see Lord Nelson - way up high
watchin' with his good eye - but turnin' his blind eye to me !

And so ahm sendin' home some photos of meself
among de pigeons and me freezin' in the snow.
I've bought some granny knick-ers just to keep
me treasures warm for Joel when he comes in for honey !

I need to change me calypso ways - learn to stand in a Q
an' learn to phone people before I jus' walk in de door
like a used to do in BARBADOS - no door - no knocker
yer can't - so easy - take de Caribbean out of de Girl !

Ah gettin' accustom to de Henglish way of life - I tink
Sliced bread - warm lager - no plantains or coconuts
to be truthful sometimes I forget where I belaang - BUT
wherever I hang me knic-kers is me HOME ! 

Thanks for readin'  - please comment if you have time.
I love West Indians YIN & YANG they're so laid back !
My favourite in the EAST CARIBBEAN is Barbados

Lots of love & calypsos - JASMINE - XOXOXOXOXOX

Acknowledgement - based on a poem by GRACE NICHOLS 

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Dec 2, 2012