W I N D # R I V E R ~ R O M A N C E !

WIND forever playin' loverboy
bringin' he breeze joy
to everythin' he touch 
but - Wind you can't trust !

Forever playin' fresh
wid big Woman like me ! 
He forget I name RIVER 
passing he hand over me face
ticklin' me belly skin
talkin' to me in whispers.

WIND  promises to bring down
de moon and de stars
an' lay dem in me lap
even when hot sun shinin' ..... but
sweet whisperin' don't catch me !

I know Wind too good
I does jus' flow along to faithful sea
an' let wind sweet words pass me
by like a cool breeze !

Those of us born in the '80's are increasingly
urbanised - computerised - sanitised and less
in tune with nature and the ripple of the wind 
on a meandering river.  This is another West
Indian poem and it captures the flirtation of
the playful Wind with the big sensuous River ! 

Thanx for reading - Please comment - LOL JAXX

Acknowledgements - to JOHN AGARD

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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Very enjoyable poem