My Special Ep Friend

I’m grateful for the special friend I met on EP one day

He wanted to talk to me about what my poems had to say


Poems about my first love, and the loved locked within my heart

And my dreams of someday giving the love of soul mates a new start


He also had someone special, that he had loved for a lifetime

His love for her had withstood years of separation and time


Like me he also has a family and others that he loves

But it’s his special friend Rita that he dreams of


The special times they shared, he cherishes like a treasure

He knows his love for her will be in his heart forever


He has been there to support me through the many changes in my life

Times that have left me sad, lonely, and filled with times of strife


Thank you to my special friend for all your love and care

Thank you for your friendship, you so freely share
dare2love dare2love
56-60, F
1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Yes I recognise this person in this poem, every word is true.. we have become close friends and have confided so much in each other ..and I hope I have helped "daretolove" in some small way as she has helped me with all her support ...Love you xx

Thank you again for being my special friend.