Her Last Suicide

Storms brought her comfort, they helped her ease the pain. Withing every splash of red rain she found it all to comforting to slit her veins. It didn't matter who was there or who wasn't with her anymore, she just wanted to end it. She wanted it all to end.
A year had passed as she still lay blank in her room, the lights out, the door closed, a container of pills at the head of her torn up bed. Taking them was all she thought of, yet her eyes became clouded and she cried herself to sleep.
Another year had arizen, along with another hint of doubt, but if she only took the pills now, it'd all be over.
It'd all be gone.
Cowardly she lay there, in the same spot, in the same clothes, stained blood from months before; the bottle was there, it was sitting right beside her head.
How intriguing, the thought of death.
How alluring the scent of decayment.
The interior of the container was the answer to her questions,
the end to her suffering.
Glaring at the ceiling letting water rome her face she pulled the pills down her throat and fell fast asleep.
This was her final suicide.
ShinigamiWolfSoul ShinigamiWolfSoul
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013