I Like Putting My Feelings Into Written Words

There is something about when I get the itch to write a poem, letter, card or note of encouragement. I have written poems for many of the Christmas cards I make. I feel that I am reaching out and touching my family and friends with my words.

If I know that someone is down, I like to write something special for them. Something that they know comes from my heart. Sometimes everything just falls into place. My mind and fingers are connected in a special way. I am full of energy, inspiration, emotions and love. It all falls together and I feel great when I can say I am finished and happy with the results. I am passionate when I write.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Well I am much better with words. I don't draw very well, but I am very creative with a camera, sewing, crocheting, Beading and just about anything I set my mind to. Creating is the best therapy in any form.<br />
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