The Calligraphy Pen

There is a pen I like to use
when my mind is flying with thoughts of you
nay...these are the times a pencil just won't do
nor a Bic, nor a laptop, nor glittery glue.
Only the Calligraphy pen will suffice
It makes things look thrice as nice
slick and shiny like black ice
It's loops and swirls
it's thick and thin,
stirs my imagination.
I close my eyes and you appear
I hear the scratches as
the stiff white paper is licked by it's metal tongue
and feel your fingers touching me

... where was i.. oh yes...
stirs my imagination...
Well.... maybe next time..
***note to self***:
-- do not write first draft with calligraphy pen...
-- google ink-stain removal.
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
41-45, F
Aug 23, 2014