The Rhythm of My Soul

there is a rhythm within my soul that I rewrite over again
sometimes my story has open doors
and often some dead ends

thirsty is my tongue
calling out to my life goals
hoping that they heed my voice
hydrate me,and return home

hunger grows inside me
from my mind to my very toes
to find the end of my path
my place in this beautiful world

longing are my eyes
to see my creations from my life
my own path I've created
and feel confident its alright

craving for that point in time
when I'm confident of the choices i made
content with what I've received
and at peace with what I gave.

BelleRaven BelleRaven
18-21, F
6 Responses Mar 6, 2009

thank-you dex and everyone for the lovely comments =)

A really beautiful and powerful poem, BelleRaven! So much hope and self-belief there. Great to see!

Now write one that expresses already being there and tell me how that feels ... the sense of accomplishment... the sense of success ,, of a job well done ...Once you write that .. you'll know that you're on the right path...You'll have manifested and been part of...instead of being on the outside looking in...

I know this feeling because it's in me as well. Every part of it is how I feel. Thank you for this!

I'm not really sure. 'cause usually when I write a poem it just pops in my head I write it before I forget it,I felt happy when I wrote it so I don't think it was a cry for help it was more like saying that every part of my 'being' is longing for that point in time while envisioning that moment when I am more complete and sure of myself.

not sure if you are crying for help or not but the under tone is there. well written